Win7 64-bit and IE9 64-bit and/or IE9 32-bit

I can use either of the two versions of Internet Explorer version 9; the 64-bit or the 32-bit version. My questions pertains to these issues:

Some forums aren't working well with either version. Problems include:
-- Some forums (including THG) do NOT remember my registered login name/password, although I always check the box to "remember me."
-- Some forums (including THG) do NOT DISPLAY my login name in the typically upper-right corner of the page. There's nothing there!
-- Some forums (including THG) do NOT DISPLAY the "Advanced Text" bar when composing a new Topic (like I'm doing at this moment). It isn't available! Shouldn't it be included WHEN COMPOSING A NEW TOPIC???
-- Some forums cause my MS wireless mouse pointer to "freeze" the forum application when I merely move the pointer into a line of text I've typed. It hangs! I have to use 'Backspace' key to delete everything from the end of the line of text toward the spot I wanted to edit a word, or whatever. I have the latest driver for my MS wireless mouse; it was installed automatically by MS today.

Is JAVA and/or Javascript required to be installed for most forums, or not?

What else can you suggest, since I cannot get web most web masters to respond to these issues? In all fairness, THG web master has responded a few times, but the issues still exist on this/these THG forums.

THG doesn't even have a section on IE9.

Your suggestions will be appreciated very much!
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  1. Come on. Somebody must have experience and be able to reply. These are simpe questions, for people who have experience. For instance, why is there no category on THG about Internet Explorer version 9? It is the latest version, but I cannot find any mention of it. There are issues that need to be addressed.

    And, what about the other simple questions, which most users would have anwers to? I did not post this for fun. I'm hoping for expert replies.
  2. Not many people here uses the IE, since there are much better choices.
  3. I don't use IE much, but you may need to select compatibility view in order to see some sites ok. Also, most browser plugins are still 32 bit thus only work with the 32 bit browser.
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