Considering some cheap upgrades, but should I wait?

Hey there, as this is a first post I'd like to thank the people and staff here for the resources and data provided over the years. (Have been an inconsistant reader of Tom's for a few years)

That out of the way, Im considering upgrading my computer to get another year or so out of it befor a rebuild. I dont intend to do any OC'ing for the time being (allthough I've been tempted by what Ive read about what others have got out of their E6300 Duo's) as I would probably have to upgrade my mobo..

Anyway to the point; Im thinking of getting my hands on a BFG GF8800 320GTS (as this seems the best price vs performance atm) and Im just wondering if maybe I should hold out a couple of months and see if the price drops on the GTX's insted, with Xmas approching it would seem logical for Nvid or Ati to get a new release out in the next month or two. (Allthough I think this may be in-between 8600-8800; and hence no price drop)

[Edit] After a bit more of a look around I see the Radeon HD 2900PRO 512 could also be a good 'bang for the buck'

As far as I can see I dont think I intend to do much Dx10 gaming.. (Currently play Wow and am looking forward to WAR, allthough Im pritty sure WAR will try to incorparate some Dx10 features) and limited by the refresh on my monitor I'll mostly be playing games at 1024x768.

Heres a basic spec just incase it helps (sucks but works : )

E6300 Duo @ 1.86Ghz [May push it to 2.5G as I hear some have got to 3.5G on Air cooling!]
MSI MS7301 mobo [Will prob have to replace if I want to OC Cpu]
2Gb Pc2-5300 Crucial
WD Raptor HDD
And my bane a Gf 7300se.. dont laugh :O

Any thaughts welcome, and thanks.
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  1. I'd get the 2900pro due to simlar performance to 8800gts, lower price (in UK at least) and to give my money to AMD which needs our support in order to increase competition for Nvidia and Intel.

    The early tweaktown review shows that it performs better at higher resolutions too, which may be handy it you get a new moniter in future.

    If your mobo support some OCing, then I'd go for it as the e6300 should easily handle at least 2.5ghz, providing the mobo can reach a resonable FSB frequency of around 350mhz (7x350).
  2. Hey cool, cheers mate I appriciate the feedback and information reguarding the FSB...
    I'll find out about my mobo and take another peek at the bios when I upgrade; but doubt it dose support any OC options as its stock one on a cheap comp I baught when my last mobo started leaking orange acid from one of the components :)
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