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First off, I've read a good deal here on Tom's Hardware about just about everything (including overclocking) but I still have one question about overclocking.

It seems that whenever Tom (or whoever) overclocks for tests, he only mentions risk when upping the voltage.
I've heard that overclocking can shortan the life on a CPU also.

So my question is this:
Is there ANY (and I mean any at all) risk in overclocking a CPU if you don't up the voltage and will overclocking a CPU (without upping voltage) make the CPU not last as long?
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  1. This is true it will not last as long compared to if you didn't overclock. With this being said ovclocking only takes a year or two off ur cpu's total life, which is about 6 or 7 years give or take a decade. Therefore if ur really going to keep ur system that long then Id say dont overclock...but if ur american then Id say overclock the hell out of it cause ur just going to throw it away or sell it in a few years anyways...:)
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