Xp seems to install and looks good until after the windows loading scr

our xp had been gradually acting up to the point that we decided to to do a clean instal. well, somewhere during this we also decided to change out our hard drive for a larger one. xp seems to install and looks good until after the windows loading screen comes up and then it goes black. it may also be of interest that ME was the os but xp was from what ive been told a full install. we need to know if it could be a driver related issue, do we need to download them and which ones? would the previous OS, ME, be the cause? what would be the cause and effect of the old motherboard which has had both ME and XP Pro and the newly added hard drive which we are trying to install a clean XP Pro? or any? please help
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  1. If it an old mother motherboard , than the problem may be with you onboard VGA, bcz old mobo for ME don't need graphics memory as much as xp, if you have any graphics card probably old one (i never used new ones from nivida or ati like that)

    i have seen few pc's with same issue, it works fine with external vga card (64 MB )

    there are 2 solution for you,
    either fix vga chip in mobo, or get an external graphics card,,
    or else go with ME
  2. I can assume one thing from the brief description of your system ie ME. Your PC is between 5 - 7 years old. Windows XP comes with driver support for a lot of hardwares but can not have everything. Reset the PC and load into safe mode with networking. This will load the basic driver to view windows. Go to the OEM website and DL the driver for the VGA.
  3. There is nothing wrong with your PC or setting with BIOS. If the OEM don't have driver for XP, try to determine the GPU or video chip that is use and go to the respected vga website and DL it. Typically, there is 3 major video chip makers: nvidia, ATI or intel

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