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I just upgraded from a Dual XEON 5160 3.oGhz air cooled rig to a Dual 5355 2.66Ghz watercooled rig and am curious about my temps. The cpus are within the but I feel they are just running to hot. I am using Everest to monitor the actual core temps. Before I was idleing around 38 degrees and would load at 65 degrees celcius. That was with a passive heatsink on the 5160's. Now I am idleing about 55 -60 and load about 65 to 70. Now I do have 8 cores instead of 4 but I thought the watercooling would of made up the difference.

I did remove the plastic film and I have reapplied the thermal paste after cleaning and also played with the tension of the bracket to see if that makes a difference. So far it is always the same. I am using a Koolance pump/res/rad and blockssystem which I know is not the best blocks out there but when looking at the reviews the differences are only a couple of degrees. Now I do also have the FB dimms and the 2900xt in the loop but The video card seems to stay cooler so I dont think it is that.

I can not find many people out there running the xeons as workstations so I have nothing to compare to. I am hoping someone out there running xeons/ everest can tell me what there core temps are at and whether they are using passive/active or watercooling.
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  1. Can you post pics of how you wired up the water-cooling? There are certain ways to do it efficientlty or you will lose water-pressure and lose cooling ability.
  2. Sure thing, I will take pictures tonight. This was my first attempt at water cooling so it took many redo's shall we say to get it working.

    Basically my loop is PUmp/res combo unit to CPU1, CPU2, split to 2- 1/4 tubes with each going to the FB dimm cooler, then joined back and to the video card, then to the externally mounted rad and then back to the pump/res
  3. another thing to look at is how warm the water is... you may not have an acurate way to measure it... but does it feel warm?
    is the air comming out of your rad warm?

    I don't know anything about the Koolance setup... pump under powered for 2 CPU's and a GPU?
  4. It is only slightly warm but not hot by any means. I feel a slight difference between the fluid going into the rad and out although it does not feel drastic. My room temp is about 27-28 c (I know this sucks but since the baby my office is the laundry room). I have a sensor in the case and it is about 30c inside. I should have my full specs in my sig now. I do have a inline temp sensor for the fluid but I did not install it as I was not sure where it was best to measure it. I will see about putting it in tonight. Should I install it before the rad or after to see the affect or it?

    Tyan S2692 MB, Thermaltake Armor Chasis
    Dual XEON 5355 2.66Ghz, 8GB Ram, ATI 2900XT
    Dell 2707WFP Monitor
    Adaptec 31605 SAS RAID, 4 -10K 2.5 SAS Seagate drives
    Koolance triple 120mm Rad, Dual CPU-330 blocks, Vid290 block,
    Dual Ram-30-v06 memory blocks, RP-1000 Pump/res
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