Nvidia Readies New “Ultimate” Technology for Gamers


idia Corp. not only plans to refresh its lineup of performance graphics accelerators this year, but also intends to introduce its 3-way SLI multi-GPU technology aiming extreme performance enthusiasts. But will the new triple SLI technology truly become a high-performance solution, or will share the destiny of Nvidia quad SLI?

According to a slide published by Expreview web-site, which is presumably from Nvidia Corp.’s roadmap, 3-way SLI is Nvidia’s new “ultimate gaming platform”, which will offer ultimate performance in three-dimensional games. ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, also plans to offer 3-way CrossFire multi-GPU technology, however, one of the graphics processing units (CPUs) in such configuration will be able to compute physics effects in case the game supports this capability.

Initially Nvidia plans to enable triple SLI support for the top-of-the-range GeForce 8800 GTX and Ultra graphics cards, however, eventually it may support 3-way configurations of other GPUs as well. Systems with three graphics cores will be powered by Nvidia nForce 680i as well as nForce 780i platforms with the former supporting PCI Express 1.1/1.0a, whereas the latter featuring PCI Express 2.0 along with a special “BR04” switch for more efficient multi-GPU operation.
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  1. Aren't the SLI drivers for Vista hosed?
  2. function9 said:
    Aren't the SLI drivers for Vista hosed?


    Playing Bioshock Vista SLI is faster than XP.
  3. Why dont they focus on lowering power consumption of their cards?
  4. for the enthusiast section of the market? whats the point? why should they foot the cost of that when people will just buy bigger PSU's?
  5. Uh, The are cutting power consumption.
    The next gen will use less power than the current generation.

    Of course the "Why" is self-evident.
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