P35C-DS3R / Memory Problem , Costing a bit of cash!

Hi all , I was referred here by a friend over at a forum called inCrysis.

Anyway here is my problem that is costing me quite a bit.

The problem is that I can boot up with one stick of RAM fine , i put two in .. Boots up but monitor doesn't come one , i searched around on google , to find out that i can only use one stick ...I though surly that cannot be right? must be the GPU took it back ( before i knew it was RAM ) got a new one , found out it was the ram. Took the RAM back got a new set still didnt work . Took them back got apair of cosair dominators , same problem . Took them back got a pair of Cosair of XMS 2 and still the same ****** problem it really its doing my head in Sorry for the language.

To clear up ill name first stick A and 2nd B

I put 'a' and b' in to start and it it didnt work , left 'a' in and it booted ,tried again with 'a'+'b' and it never . so i switched them to 'b' + 'a' and it didnt boot .so i tried 'b' by its self same problem so does this mean that this stick is unusable ? as only 'a' seems to work , remeber this is third set and the same problem

Is it possible for my motherboard to break / fry one of sticks ( B ) ? or could it be the bois or voltage or the northbridge?

If it is what can i do about it?


A running fine in all slots
B running in non ( 3 short beeps )
A + B = no beeps just blank screen and continuous fan flow.

Here are my specs.

Genuine Intel(R) CPU 2140 @ 1.60GHz
Cosair CM2X1024-6400C4DHX
ATi Caption Radeon X1950 Pro
Win Power 700w

Thanks for any replys.
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  1. It's always a good idea to run memtest86+ to see if there are any memory problems.
    Another possible issue is that you are using a low-quality power supply with a fairly high-end power-hungry graphics card. Many people's problems clear up with a decent-quality power supply.
    As for the RAM, perhaps you are having a compatibility problem that could be solved by increasing the memory voltage. See this post for more info: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/200599-30-memory-nooob-aarrggghh-timings#t1249881
  2. Would this cause it to brake the RAM though because a friend tried it and it doesnt work?
  3. Did you adjust the memory voltage in the BIOS? Your memory probably needs 2.1v or 2.2v. Figure out what your memory needs and adjust accordingly. Be aware that this board may overvolt the ram. Try +.2v or +.3v and see what happens.
  4. Well i car'nt as one of the sticks is totally broke ( tried in a friends Pc ) wonderign is there a way to cause what is frying my 2nd ram? as ive had three lots and its all happened to them. and i think the retailer are going to think something if i take it back.
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