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I'll get right to the point...a dumbass software such as anydvd or possibly dvddecrypter has decided to change speed to "slow" reading speed and the drive now reads at 6x all the time. I never changed any of the settings and now i'm stuck with a crappy transfer rate. Nero speed doesnt work. I'm hoping this is a windows related problem (registry fix?).
In last resort i have a backup to overwrite my XP install...and i'm not happy about doing that.

So yeah if anyone ever had this problem and figured out a solution, it would be appreciated.

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  1. Try uninstalling the DVD driver and let it reinstall when Windows starts. I'd try disconnecting the drive after uninstalling the driver, boot the machine, then turn off and connect it. If you have done so, uninstall any programs you think caused this. I'd also run CCleaner and Eusing Free Registry Cleaner, both free and they'll some of the stuff left after install
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