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In an Internal network (IP) with two subnets, say and, what should the subnet mask be?

I am tring to set up a network that has two subnets. I have my existing network with a router with IP address with netmask I have several workstations on this network (up to 255). However, I have extended my network to a remote location using two pieces of communication equipment (microwave). This equipment is working, and is passing packets back and forth.

My problem is that any equipment that is at the remote site cannot ping my router ( I attributed this to a routing problem. Therefore, I concluded that I needed to use a subnet to divide the network into two pieces. So I called the devices at the remote end subnet

This still did not solve my problem. My remote end devices still can not ping my router (although they can ping both pieces of microwave equipment, ruling out the microwave as the problem.)

I do not understand networks very well, so I am looking for some advice. Is my problem that the subnet mask for my router needs to be in order to have a subnet?

I hope I have presented this well enough for someone to understand. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I believe the answer to my own question is, is a Class C Network. It has 256 hosts. I can't have 256 hosts plus another subnet. That would be 2 class C networks.

    I need static routing placed in my router to find my remote sites.
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