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So I just finished my first computer build, and everything seems to work fine, but I haven't had the time to install any games or productivity software to see how the system performs under load. Can anyone recommend any benchmarks/stability tests that will help me make sure my system is running as it's supposed to? Thanks.
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  1. Prime95 is the way to go.
  2. Thanks for the reply, nhasian, but what about the GPU?
  3. Try NovaBench
  4. MSI's Kombustor from MSI Afterburner for GPU stability, and Unigine Heaven for benchmarking.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I'll try these out as soon as I can. Also, what about aida64 system stability test? Does it have any benefits over the ones listed above? Thanks.
  6. aida64 is also a nice app, but expensive app to use its tools, we were talkin about free tools you can get benefits of benches and stability tests,
    on the other hand aida64 has benches for HDD, cache and memory, monitor diagnostics, system stability tests, and a whole tab for benching and comparing other cpus.
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