What is the probability I have bad ram???

I'm running PC2-6400 OCZ Vista upgrade ram on my P5KC mobo. The ram is rated at 800mhz. However, I cannot get my system to boot when my DRAM Frequency is set at DDR2-800.

I've talked with OCZ and tried all recommendations listed on their site as well as feedback from other users.

Tonight I did one last test. I have 2x2gig sticks. I tested each stick individually on all 4 DDR2 slots. I was not able to get the machine to boot.

Therefore, can I rule out with great probability that it's not a problem with the ram? And that it's just a question of compatibility with the board?

OCZ is asking me to RMA the ram but then I'll be out of a machine for I don't know how long.

Thanks for the feedback.
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  1. Probably not combatible with your board. You can make sure the voltage is set what the ram is meant to run at.
  2. Yup...I tried the recommended voltage and nothing worked. Thanks for the help.
  3. Will the ststem boot at all?
  4. The system comes on. The fan comes on. Then the fan spins louder and the system hangs while the fan is spinning. I need to manually shut the system down. Upon next power up, the system boots and gives me an OC'ing error.

    Thanks for the help.
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