AMD Catalyst Drivers?

Okay so anyone who has and AMD Card probably knows how much of a PITA Catalyst is and I recently tried updating to 12.4 but had an issue.

So I just let it sit but I'm curious about what version is best? And if it's best to just run without Catalyst and just the driver?(If even possible)

The card I have is HD 6670.
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  1. Yes, you can run just the driver and not use the Catalyst control center.
  2. I'm doing that right now.

    Is there any purpose to using CCC? I mean half the features don't even work for me including the one I want the most. (Force V-Sync)
  3. I use CCC on my media PC connected to a plasma TV. It allows me to set modes that Windows does not.
  4. I must be one of the lucky ones. I've never had problems with CCC even when I switched from Nvida cards. Just remember when switching from one vendor to another, remove all previous video drivers before installing the new ones. If using the same vendor, it's usually safe to overwrite previous drivers. Worst case, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers usually helps. Sometimes CCleaner actually removes old drivers better than the default uninstaller.
  5. 12.6 is released now along with 12.4b (beta).
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