New built PC locking up during gaming

About 2 weeks ago I finished building my latest system. I thought I'd got it sussed and sans probleme, but no.

Nearly every time I game for any length of time (sometimes not long at all), the whole PC locks up and there is nothing I can do except hold the button. My first thoughts was overheating, but after running stress tests and gaming, the temperatures seem normal enough.

The setup:
C2D E6750 (2.66GHz, 1333Mhz FSB)
Asus P5NT-WS Mobo (supposedly 680i chipset)
BFG 8800GTS 320MB OC
PNY 7200GS 128MB (for running 3 screens)
580W Hiper M Type power supply
Actic Cooler 7

2 Front 120mm input fans (one in spare CD bays)
1 120mm rear exhaust fan
Power supply fan taking a suprising amount of air out

Under load the CPU cores max out at 39º and 37º. GPU up to about 78º. I've written to E-vga (for someone else running 8800GTS's and apparently its not a problem until you hit 95º ish) and 40º seems pretty cool compared to some peoples, so what else could it be?

My only other thought is the power supply, but my friend is running an E6700, 2 8800GTS's (more OC than mine), 4 HDDs, 2 DVD-RW etc etc, and he isnt hitting any problems.

Please help!!!!
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  1. Well, that PSU is only on Tier-4 of the list at Your particular one may not be of sufficient quality to maintain your rig. Do you have access to another PSU for testing? If you need to replace it, choose one on Tier-3 or better from that list.
    Have your stress tests included your RAM? Bad RAM could cause lockups too.
  2. Possibly a bad stick of ram. Try a namebrand PSU. Also, try running without the second video card.
  3. Sorry jtt283. 2/3 of my reply match what you already said.
  4. i have a hiper type m, running fine not a glitch
  5. Definately PSU lol.
  6. could be vid card memory / gpu getting hot.
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