What RAID 5 controller PCI-e x16 to go with?

I need a RAID 5 controller for 4 sata 500gb drives.

I am looking for a PCI-e x16 controller.

I would like to stay under $250.

Any suggestion is much appreciated.


8gb ram
Haven't decided on a mobo yet but it will have (2) PCI-e x16 slots
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  1. I replied to your post in the motherboard memory forum but thought id list some go-ers here

    Adaptec 3405 - Bit over budget but a great card

    Promise TX4650 - Cheaper no onboard RAM

    Promise EX4650 - Over budget but awesome card

    3Ware 9650S - A little over again but... its a 3ware ;)

    Areca 1210 - Still a little over... but again its Areca awesome controllers here

    Hope that helps a little.
  2. Awesome!

    I think I am going to go with the Areca 1210. 256MB on-board, great review, and $284 shipped is not too bad.

    Big thanks!
  3. systemlord said:

    Hmmm sort of agree, in the other one its asked if mobo or controller is the way to go... what config etc... whereas this one is a continuation and asking for what controller i should get... could have been consolidated i spose.


    Let us know how it goes when you get it all together. Dont hesitate to ask some more questions if you get stuck ;) Good Luck
  4. None of those cards are x16. The Areca and the higher-end Adaptec's are x8 but thats the quickest I could find myself (in December).
  5. Has anyone found any PCI-e x16 RAID controllers yet? I'm getting ready to pounce on one, so I'd like to get the fastest available!

  6. Hi Shd,

    Why should you want to use a PCIe 16* (if they do exist)
    when looking at the typical max transfer rate of PCIe 16*

    PCI Express 16x 4000 [8000]* MB/s

    In theory (not looking at overhead) you shoudl be able to saturate
    ~4000/50 MB = 80 spindels. I dont how many spindels you want to use but on average PCIe 4* is used for internal and PCIe 8* is used for external cascaded JBODs. Im using currently a smartarray P400 (PCIe 8*) in my workstation.
    Using 4 spindels.Gives me a very good performance. I wouldnt notice a difference if the P400 was equiped with a PCIe 4* bus.

    It shouldnt be the bus speeds to look for but more functionality.
    Both PCIe4* and PCIe 8* are fast enough for usage in a PC/ workstation.

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