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I would like to block ALL web pages except a few, like a white list.

I already tested parental controls of many antivirus suites. The ones I tried can't do the job because they only block web pages by caterories (ex. social networking).
I tested Norton, Kaspersky and BitDefender.

I also tested software like K9 Web Protection, but it also blocks by categories.

Which software should I use to block ALL sites but a few.

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    Please check your router. you may be able to do that directly in the router itself.
  2. Thanks. I'll check it as soon as I can.
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  4. Thanks Vicky for your answer.

    Unfortunately, I don't use IE7 because it's obsolete since 2009. And I don't use IE10 because I prefer Firefox or Chrome.

    I checked many firewalls and parental controls from antivirus suites to standalone softwares and I didn't find any that do the job. If you know one, please share it.

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