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Hi as stated in the title of the thread, how do i actually use the combination of mouse, left click + mouse wheel, to select a few rows of cells. Example, people usually left click to select a particular cell, and if they want multiple cells to be selected, they will hold the left mouse and hover it down/up the column. But i wanted to use the mouse scroll to scroll down to the rows i wanted, so is there any settings i have to do in order to achieve that? I am currently using Office 2007.
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  1. Hmm you can do that if you remap the wheelup and wheeldown mouse functions to arrow up and arrow down instead.
  2. How do you remap the wheel function?
  3. By the way, i have a PC that is capable of left click + scrolling up and down to select cells without any remapping application. Im not sure if there is any setting i can do inside Excel do have that function. I went to check VBE in excel, but it seems that there wasnt any codings in it. So im not too sure why is that particular PC able to do that.
  4. you will have to see if your mouse drivers support that. it will not be a function in excel. you may be able to find some 3rd party software that does it as well.

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  5. This 3rd part i've tried was remapper 1.3 or some sort. It's a bit complicating. Because it's not that the PC is unable to do that, but only in excel that it's unable to do that function. In words & anywhere, im able to select / highlight using the click + mouse wheel function.
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