Windows A does not overlap Windows B when done loading

Hi, i have another question. Let me state a scenario for a clearer picture. I am running a window A, and B at the same time, both of them are running data. Since i input the data in windows A, i will let it run and proceed with the data on windows B. But when A has done running before i can complete windows B, it will pop up and overlap windows B that hinder my inputs. Is there a way to allow them not to pop up and remind me that it has completed the process? For instance, blinking behind windows B will do.
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    yep i know exactly what your talking about. it can be a pain when a program takes over the focus of a window.

    How To Prevent Programs From Stealing Focus in Windows
  2. Hey nhasian, thanks for the reply, but apparently the value in my regedit is the same as what they instructed me to do. =(
  3. Oh man, some PCs does work! Not for the one im currently using though =( But thanx a lot! =)
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