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My parents have a cable modem connected to a four port ethernet router. Two of the four ports of this router are used by two computers, one windows and one apple based. I want to connect a Microsoft MN-500 wireless base station to one of the two open ports on the router. Then use my laptop to configure the MN-500 using the enclosed setup software. I hope then to use my laptop around the house. Note, communication from my laptop to my parents computers is not the goal just the use of my laptop without wires. My question is this: Will this setup work or am I running into problems? If I am running into problems does anybody have any ideas how I can make it work? The last thing I want is to cause a distuption in their sustem so I am trying to be careful before proceding.
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  1. Patch cable from your wired router's switched LAN port to a LAN port on the MN-500's switch. You will not use the WAN port at all. Disable the DHCP server on the microsoft router. You have effectively turned that AP/Router combo into a AP with an integrated switch. You may have to use a X-over cable but I doubt it. I would guess the ports on the MN-500 are autosensing.

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