Thick red lines on NEW PC

Hello there!
I bought a new custom PC via DinoPC in the UK.
Here are the specs:
Intel Core i5 3470
Asus P8H61 MX USB3
Zalman Z11 Case
600W Zigmatec (Don't know if I spelt it right)
8GB Corsair 1333mhz Ram

I got it 3 days ago, so it is really new.It worked fine until yesterday, when thick, red lines appeared on the screen. My dad got angry and said how "Dell is reliable"
He is going to return it and get a overpriced dell. I need some help, quick. I have tried going on safe mode and uninstalling the drivers, but to no avail.
A post said if the lines are on the BIOS menu, the graphics card is dying, which it is ( ASUS EZ mode).
This rig is definitely new, and I am getting some pretty good temps. I have played The Witcher 1 and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, so no stress.

If the rig is not fixed in time, can someone at least tell me a good company to buy pcs off of that are NOT custom build ( AilenWare , sadly). I don't think I can persuade him to buy a new custom PC.

All help will be appreciated,
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  1. Please don't double post the same question. Thanks.
  2. Jeesh man, firstly get your dad to calm down, then get on to Dino PC, they will repair this no probs, they are pretty good you know!

    *** happens, Hardware fails, even new hardware, thats why its covered by warranty, you have just been one of the peeps who this has happened to!

    Dell are no more reliable, they use Hardware that can fail as well!, and they are *** for custom gaming PC's!

    Its three days old, let Dino PC put it right, they will, its a good PC, dont let it get you down!
  3. DUPLICATE POST.... :(
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