How do I test CPU?

I believe I have narrowed my problem down to the CPU or Mobo. fans come on but machine will not send video so don't believe it's posting or booting at all. Monitor works. before buying replacement parts, would like to know if there is way I can test the CPU or mobo independently.

Thanks for any guidance
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  1. Processers are 98% of the time not the problem, most likely your mobo. Did you reset Cmos? I had a problem when I first got my mobo up and running, I reset Cmos and problem solved. You really need to put all your PC components in you sig like mine at bottom of page. We can better help you with that info.
  2. Agree that CPU is not very likely your problem. But be advised that the power supply is quite often the culprit in these cases. The fact that some things turn on is by no means a guarantee that the PSU is supplying sufficient juice to your system! Test that PSU before you get another MOBO! I'd test the video card too before I tear it apart and order a MOBO.

    Testing the CPU and video you'll need to put them in a known working system, same thing with MOBO, known working PSU, RAM, CPU and video.

    Easiest thing to test if you do not have replacement parts to switch in is the PSU. Buy one at a big box store, test the system with it, and then return the PSU if that wasn't the problem

    You can also take your parts to a friend or else a local shop and have them test them one by one.

    Please note that as sytemlord pointed out above there may be something else stopping you. Be sure to reset cmos and also unplug the system for a while, press the power button while the system is unplugged, plug it back in and try again.

    I take it you get no error beeps or lights? If not I'd suspect either mobo or psu are stopping you very early on.
  3. Thanks for the info and advice.......

    AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 GHZ 2000MHZ FSB 512KB L2 Cache | FIC KTBC51G Mobo | 2 x 512MB DDR DIMM (1GB) | this is Gateway GT4010
  4. I read your post, but that doesnot answer my question..

    I have an old fully working P3 933 Mhz PGA370 on E810i mobo. now, I have lots of spare hardware that can make up a PC so I started by popping a Celeron SL5ZF pro, but that gives no response et all (blank screen, no beeps) i have another 810 mobo and CPUs too ..

    I would like to know the procedure to test and certify these components for smooth functioning.

    I am new into hardware and would like to be a professional.

  5. I have found that if you get NOTHING, no beeps, no screen, no nothing. It's the CPU.
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