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Help needed on choosing the quietest case fans

Last response: in Overclocking
December 9, 2007 5:01:46 PM

Hey guys. I am building a case for my wife and she wants a very quiet case. I have an older Apevia case

I don't much like the case but due to expenses I was wondering if I could just take out the cheesy 80mm case fans with aftermarket fans. If so what kind would you recommend? I also have an old ATI 1600 card and default heatsink and fan on a AMD 64 3500 cpu which I am sure is creating alot of noise but I am not sure if I should go through the headache of VGA cooling and aftermarket cooling just for an AMD 3500 chip.

I also wonder if I should just dump that Apevia case for a new Coolermaster

Whaddya think?

December 9, 2007 6:21:18 PM

Well fisrt thing I would try is removing the stock fans and try a 120 in the back.
This one from Arctic Cooling works great. If noise is still too loud then move to the other components.
That video card may be able to be passivly cooled. Most aftermarket CPU coolers are quieter and cool better than stock coolers. And you may possibly need a new PSU. But it all depends on how quiet you want to go. As for a case I can recomend the Antec Sonata Family. I use the SOLO, and I've built using the Sonata II. Me, I like not being able to hear if my PC is running or not.