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every time I try to repair my xp sp3 using the xp cd,I fail to do so....... :( :( after going through the whole lengthy process of the above,when the installation completes....and the system restarts,it gets stuck at the xp start screen where it says "please wait".I have waited as long as 2 hours ,but the screen does not change.........please help.hope I was bale to explain the problem to you......
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  1. have you inserted drivers cd during repair process, i may ask at that time.. try to boot with safe mode bcz some drivers may not installed during repair..

    if it wont works then do a fresh install
  2. well when doI d that?after installing the xp installation cd and choosing to repair every thing is done automatically.
  3. Instead of doing a repair, boot into the repair console. At the command line, run each of the following commands:
    fixboot <-- This will repair your boot files
    fixmbr <--This will rewrite your master boot record
    chkdsk /r <--This will scan your hard drive for errors and try to repair any it finds
  4. hey do you type fixboot and stuff where it says c:/windows? it just says create partition...
  5. Here's a guide to access the repair console.
  6. thanks! but
    it sucessfuly ran fixmbr command
    windows still wont boot
  7. Did you run the other 2 commands?
  8. yeah i i got a stop message when i did chkdsk /r think im just gona bring it in
  9. If the chkdsk didn't finish, there may be some physical problems on the drive. You can go to the manufacturer's website, and download their hard drive tool and scan the hard drive.
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