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I just built my new desktop this past Saturday, and was working perfectly fine. Until tonight, Wednesday night I come home and turn it on and it takes about 20 minutes to boot through windows. and when it does, and I log on everything is extremely slow, and takes about 3-5 minutes to open properties. I was not sure if it could be my power supply, I've had my Antec 500 Watt PSU for about 5 months, or if I just need to reinstall windows. I dont get why it was working 5 months again anyone have ideas?

Oh and what I built was a eVga 680i SLI nForce motherboard, with a intel core2 Duo 2.33ghz, nVidia 8600 GT XFX 256 video card, 2 GIGs of corsair twinx ram, 500watt Antec PSU and I have two hdd's.
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  1. Have you run an antivirus and antimalware programs? Possibly a virus or other malware
  2. That's what i would check first as well......
    A background program is hogging the system resources.

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