EPoX 8K5A3+ Motherboard

hey i just want to know where can i find this type of capacitor 2200F for my motherboard because the ones(there are three at this time) that are behind my processor are about to break because i see a yellow stuff coming out of one of them and the other one is starting to do the same thing and the other one is getting like a balloon :whistle: so i want to know where can i find three or more of the same or better than those pieces of #$%@ and yes i know how to solder and all that kind of stuff that i need to do in order to replace them and i will appreciate your help... thanks :hello:
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  1. this really sucks... no one wants to reply to my post... thanks dudes i thought you guys helped people like me
  2. nice no one yet
  3. nobody's replying because that isnt something thats really worth doing.. when you can get another board for next to nothing.
  4. i know but i would rather do that because it's way cheaper than buy a motherboard with RAID and i'm gonna use this computer as a Server at my house with Windows Home Server
  5. thanks
  6. what's good son?
  7. nothing much son... you son?
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