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Tom's may be a bad place for this question but...

Hey guys,

Sometimes Windows slows down. You guys all know what causes this. Bad programming. Then there is installing and uninstalling software ect... I've use some programs downloaded from CNET in the past but I feel that they just led to future problems. I am looking for a recomendation for software that can get my computer runing at full speed without the long term problems associated with some tuneup programs.

What do you guys do when your computer slows down? Do you use the event viewer and go from there?
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  1. Every 2-3 years I reinstall Windows and all my applications to get back full speed. Harsh, but effective!
  2. +1 to what PhilFrisbie said. you can do a fresh install every so often. I recommend actually imaging your drive with Clonezilla. Then in the future you can easily restore it to the point you backed it up as an image.
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    I started using Ubuntu 10 after I couldn't be arsed with the hassle of reinstalling Windows then the raft of things you need to just to get the OS the way you like it. Ubuntu package manager is the way that software should be installed. I have seen zero slowdown after using this Ubuntu install for 2 years.

    I'm finally getting round to rebuilding my machine and I'll have to get a Windows install again just to play games natively. I may dual boot. But I digress.

    Like others have said a full reinstall is the proper yet painful way to get your machine back to it's original glory. Nhasian is spot on with creating an image when you've got your basic Windows install in place. Avoids all repeating all this garbage.

    You can run programs like CCleaner to clean up the registry and other ye olde temp file clogs.

    Windirstat is a nice program that will let you find where all the space is being taken up on your hard drive. Deleting unnecessary files and uninstalling programs is an obvious one.

    It looks like you might be using a SSD so fragmentation is probably not an issue for you but I suppose you could point Defraggler at that 1TB Seagate drive.
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  5. How many problems do the programs like CCleaner cause in the long run?
  6. I've never had any problems with CCleaner. It lets you backup the registry before making any changes so if something goes badly you can restore it.
  7. CCleaner is fine cleaner, no issues with it, ever.
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