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Hey all, hope someone can help me on this. I powered off my computer for a few minutes to plug in another pc which i was fixing for the mother in law. Did not change anything unplug anything except the power, mouse/keyboard, monitor and now when I restart my pc I have some strange stuff.

It looks almost like a barcode around my mouse pointer above and below it. Then on the taskbar at the bottom there are lots of sets of lines which also look like barcodes group together with small gaps in between.

I reseated my graphics card, rebooted, checked cables to and from monitor/comp and nothing seems to want to fix the issue. Has anyone else ever seen this? Please help, comp is working but it makes me want to scratch my eyessssssssss outtttttttttt :)
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  1. First, disconnect and then reconnect all the cables between monitor and tower and monitor and power outlet, at both ends. Then, I'd try reinstalling/updating your video card driver, then I'd try reinstalling any software associated with your monitor (drivers, etc...).
  2. Sounds like a plan but my guess is that something in my video card is fooked....its a Radeon 9800 Pro which I have had for about 4 years so I am betting on needing a replacement right now so we shall see.

    Will give the power idea a try and see if it makes any difference, I already tried disconnecting all cables and reconnecting except from the main power source and I tried reinstalling catalyst. Have not tried monitor drivers either so will give those a shot tonight too...

    Thanks for the tips will let you know. This comp is kind of old anyway and I was planning a replacement some time in 2008 so I guess spending a hundred bucks for a half decent video card for a year or so is not so bad
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