My 8800gtx heat up badly using DX10

OKay first let me say I have very good air flow in my case,Nvidia Monitor shows system @ 31c
The cards run about 65c idle,but man when I play bioshock under DX10 they reach 85c.
I dont think we've seen how hot these cards are gonna get under DX10,we've only been using them on DX9
I useto run RivaTuner to control 1 card and Ntune for the other card,seems neither software can control both under Vista.Then I read that these card's threshold's are 110c,and me being tired of always having to start ntune to set the fan to high,I stopped.Does anyone why the hell Nvidia put a fixed fan of 60% on these very hot cards.And when are they gonna make it possible for Ntune to manually set both fans on high and save the setting.
I'm gonna get a pair of DD water blocks and fix this crap.
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  1. A friend of mine called nvidia about his 8800gtx bgf oc2 in sli becuase he was concerned about overheating and they said as long as they dont go above 120 they are fine. I think this is a little high.... or he is retarted... maybe a mixture of both.

    Also, I know that the nvida performance program that has the ntune in it can set the fan to run as high or low as you want. It can also have is set at a certain speed or have it automaticly controlled. I think this may only work on an nvidia chipset motherboard though....
  2. My 8800 GTX was same as yours, 65 idle, 85-90c loaded, or running ATITool's artifact scanner, even at 100% fan.

    Removed cooler, used Artic Silver 5 in lieu of the stock goop, reapplied the cooler, now 60ish idle, 74c load.

    Added Koolances waterblock to my watercooling setup, and temps now idle at 44ish, and hit 53c at load. I have flashed to an Ultra bios, and doing splendidly.
  3. granite3:

    What brand and specs did you originally have and wich ultra bios did you flash to?
  4. Wow, just adding as5 dropped 5c at idle and 11+c at load is amazing!

    Would anyone recomend doing that to my 8800 gtc bfg0c2?
  5. Quote:
    Would anyone recomend doing that to my 8800 gtc bfg0c2?

    Only if you want to OC it a bit more and only if you are willing to void your warranty and only if you know what you are doing, some have ripped off their GPUs trying to pry off stock heatsinks - I'm not saying that's waht will happen to you, but I would sure research this possibility to be certain. My 8800 GTS runs at similar temps to yours, I suspect they all do. Ppl see how much hotter their GPUs are than their CPUs and they freak, but that's the way they run.
  6. Do they use a grease or is it glued (or what ever that other paste is called)? I dont see how it is terrible much different then putting it on a cpu.... unless the factory stuff is different.
  7. It's paste. So not really glue because it doesn't develope the bonds that glue would but not really like grease because it does not work to lubricate at all.
  8. You could always go watercooling my 1950XT core ran about 75C Loaded
    Now its only 45C while loaded. Been running this new cooling setup for about 3 weeks now. ^^
  9. Anything under 90C is fine, don't worry about it.

    If it really bothers you get a Thermalright HR-03 - that will bring your load temps down big time.
  10. dx10 has nothing to do with it, and your temps are fine
  11. i looked at my temps again and it is now idleing at 64c. I didn't change anything but the ambient tempiture in my room.
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