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Bear with me, I'm not so clued up on this but would really appreciate some help. I'm using a Netgear WGR614 wireless router, and recently on the reading on the front it has been telling me that a device (connected wirelessly) is downloading pretty much constantly. Being in a student house i wasn't that bothered, most of my friends download quite a lot; until my connection speed slowed practically to a halt. I got everyone to disconnect, and then checking the "attached devices" tab on my router manager it still showed one device attached.
Obviously it seems like someone's stealing our internet, so i changed the WPA password, username, router password, and anything else i could think of. But nothing has worked. If anyone could help me that would be incredible.

p.s. if this helps, i have their MAC number, but there is no name of the device.

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  1. Look around its admin pages and see if you can switch from WEP to TKIP. TKIP allows you to enter 4 WEP keys. Still weak (and broken) but better than one WEP key alone. Remember that everybody legit has to have all those 4 keys.

    For much better protection, upgrade the router to something that supports WPA2-PSK with AES (encryption algorithm). Remember that all the WiFi cards have to support AES too.

    Forget about following the lead with MAC address, it is useless. The cause of your service being stolen is due to WEP key usage. Try it and let us know if you need more info/protection
  2. No but as above I'm already using a WPA-TKIP so i'm not sure that's the problem. By blocking out the attached devices one by one, It seems now that one of the wireless devices (the girl just across the hall) is constantly sending/recieving, but she's not downloading anything, I've checked. (Different forum, i know, but) some sort of mal/spyware?
  3. Try it. Have her backup data and reinstall Windows
  4. i thing she'll be a bit unwilling to do that!! I'll try and make her!
  5. tell her to install free avg ( and spybot search and destroy (

    f your looking at the dhcp listing from your router it does hold old connections, try resetting it to clear that list and recreate the network (with new key), when everyones connected just check the list and watch for new entries.

    if everyone names their machines this will show up on the router list and will make it really easy to figure out if theres 'extra' connections.
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