??Best Gaming / LAN / Graphics / Media Station Micro ATX $2000AU

Firstly I've posted this in other forums, so don't be surprised if you see this on another forum. I'm just trying to get a general consensus on things, as one normally would, your opinion is just as valid as the next one :)

Here is what I've decided on or am strongly considering.

The case I will be using is the Silverstone Sugo SG-03

Ok this list has been changed a bit but it was originally made for a Midi Tower not a Micro ATX, so I would really appreciate it if people could let me know if this wouldn't all fit, or I might lose a lot of money :(.

List of stuff
- Motherboard: Dunno.
- CPU: Q6600
- Heatsink: Silverstone Nitrogon NT-06 CPU cooler
- Video: GeForce 8800 GTS
- PSU: OCZ 600w Power Supply
- Sound: Best sound card (was the Creative X-Fi Platinum long ago, not sure now)
- CD/DVD: BenQ DW1640 CD/DVD Burner ($60)
- Floppy: Samsung SFD321B Floppy Drive ($15)
- Fans: was looking at Sanyo Denki but not sure
- Storage: Already have a 320gb Western Digital SATA RAID Hard Drive but I would like one more identical (identical is best right?)
- Screen: 21" 4:3 (Square) LCD with very good colour range
- Memory: 2 GB Memory
- Keyboard: Saitek Eclipse II
- Mouse: Razer Copperhead (latest)
- Mouse Pad: Some $100 AUD tops mouse pad, still deciding
- Extra Peripheral: Belkin Nostromo SpeedPad n52 ($40)
- Anti-Virus: $40 on Anti-virus software
- Case Lighting & Mods: Will add later

Ok so the subject says it all. I am not looking to overclock this machine as I think it will be fast enough on its own and would prefer the piece of mind that the computer won't stuff up because of overclocking (I've come from a 3ghz laptop that overheat when I was transferring files and had a faulty DVD drive and left channel biased speakers), even though I would get that extra kick.

Thanks, I really appreciate it. Your help will hopefully save me from buying a bad setup and for you all to do this free of charge is such an inspiration and motivation for me to build my own computer, so please feel free to ask any questions you need to know or just let me know a few things you'd change if you don't want to write a whole list, any help is help none the less :).
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  1. If you list your online stores, we can pick out parts for you. Otherwise, we don't know if you can buy everything we can.

    What's the usage of this pc? What's the target monitor resolution? Will the pc play high-def movies?
  2. Usage is as stated, Target monitor resolution is whatever it comes with, anything over 1280 x 960/1024 is fine. High definition movies will be a possibility, though a little unlikely as I have better devices for such things.
  3. Q6600
    Silverstone Nitrogon NT-06 CPU cooler (guaranteed to fit; over 100 cfm; very good airflow; see your linked review)


    ASUS P5K-VM or P5K-V


    The thing about mATX boards is that almost all of them have integrated video. You can disable it in bios & use a pci-e video card, but I'm not sure if you can get back all the shared video memory which is from main memory.

    Same everything else.
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