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I am currrently looking for a new graphics card. My computer is approaching 2 years old now and the graphics card isnt that good. I play games like world of warcraft and also i want to be able to play supreme commander.

My current computer spec is as follows :-

3.4ghz Intel pentium 4
2GB Ram
Geforce FX 5700LE

If anyone has any recommendations for what graphics card I should look at purchasing it would be greatly appreciated! I dont really know what my budget would be as im not sure what I need to spend to get a decent FPS in some of teh games ive mentioned above and also whats good against the processor I have in my computer.

Thanks for any advice in advance


Reggie :D
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  1. PSU specs please. I would imagine a 7600GT or X1650Pro would be nice, and if you have a decent PSU and enough money even a 7900/X1950. You have the big daddy of the P4 478 Prescotts (if indeed that is your socket), I'd say your computer has life in it still.
  2. Hi Kyle at work at the moment so cant get you my precise spec.

    ANother question my monitor is VGA connection but the one blade lists and the x1950 from shortref are Dual DVi with no VGA. How is it best to solve this?
  3. most DVI output graphics cards come with at least one DVI to VGA converter (all 6 of the dual DVI out cards I've ordered over the last year have come with 2)
  4. Ok

    my spec is as follows : -
    Motherboard = ASUStek Computer Inc. P4P800SE
    Chipset = Intel 856PE (Springdale -pe) + 1CH5
    1xAGP v3.0
  5. Check your power supply. Please provide us with the following info:

    Total wattage, number of +12V listed, and amperage (or wattage) from +12V.
  6. Model No : Atx300GTF
    DC OUTPUT 300W
    +12 = 13.0A
    -12 = 0.8A
    It says on a sticker +12v/18A MAX
  7. I'd go with a 7600GS based on those numbers.

    This new forum format sucks.
  8. That may power a 7600GS, check the manufacturers website to confirm your 12v rail is powerful enough. If it is powerful enough, go for it. I recommend eVGA, since I'm happy with my video card.
  9. I wouldn't worry about the memory on those cards since they aren't exactly fast enough to make much use of them. Even a 256 mb version will do you just fine. Plus the one u showed says it has a memory freq of 533Mhz..but if you see the links i am providing below...the memory on these are supposedly 800mhz.

    here is one:

    or this

    are you only looking for nvidia cards?
  10. no not just nvidia anything really I just want to give my computer its final lease of life before I retire it in about a years time! And im getting horrible FPS of 15 on world of warcraft and I cant play supreme commander with my mates :(
  11. well supreme commander isnt exactly the easiest game to run. heck on max settings even a dual core cpu with sli gfx can run slow at times.

    the problem is your power supply. its just not good enough for a "top of the line" AGP card.
  12. Ditch your PSU and get an Antec 550W or similar probably around £60- £70 and then an X1950Pro for about £130 - £150 and you'll be playing latest games on near max settings. It might sound like a lot of money but gaming ain't cheap. You can't buy a ferrari for Mondeo money. If you can't afford that much i'd save up a little more and go with my suggestion as a 7600gs really hasn't got alot of poke.
  13. hmm...i dont trust those power supplies.

    cant seem to find out what its +12V rails are like.

    You'd be better off with a better known brand even if its 450 watts

    how about this one?

    its slightly more but well worth it i think.
  14. Another option would be to purchase on of those dedicated graphics power supplies. They run about $50.00, they can be migrated to his next system build, and they're hecka cheaper than buying a high wattage system power supply. Then he could purchase whatever card he wanted.
  15. Go for a good PSU, ad dedicated GPUPS is not worth it for your system, that is more for someone with an SLI MB who has a good powersupply that doesn't have enough capacity for the second video card (in an upgrade scenario). The Corsair unit is a good one, I have yet to see a bad review of any Corsair PSUs.
  16. Im running:

    E6750 stock speed
    8800 gts 320mb
    Dvd writer
    5 LEDs
    1gig of ram
    1 hard drive


    It works fine, 30 amps on the +12v rail. But I have no experience with PSUs so I cant really persuade you to buy something like this
  17. BLING! Do you have some OCZ Gold DDR2s to go with that? JK
  18. Not knowing your budget puts a large question in the box, however, I really like this one for AGP systems.
  19. I'd say to make this upgrade worth your money, you'd have to spend ~$200+ (X1950 and decent new PSU) to have a considerable FPS boost. The 7800/7900 cards are way overpriced, which is too bad because they overclock much better and use less power (less heat).
  20. It is up to on how to spend you money but I wouldn't put much money into the GPU on this computer if you plan on upgrading it in a year or so.

    Stop looking at 512MB cards. It isn't going to make much of a difference at this level. A cheaper 256 MB card would be a better solution.

    You're better off putting more of your money into a quality PSU right now than the GPU. The PSU can be transferred into your new build next year whereas you GPU can not.

    I would look into this PSU:
    Or this one

    And this GPU:

    A cheaper 256MB X1650XT would also be an excellent card to go with if you can find one but don't skimp on the PSU.
  21. I skimped on my PSU :)
  22. blade85 said:
    hmm...i dont trust those power supplies.

    cant seem to find out what its +12V rails are like.

    You'd be better off with a better known brand even if its 450 watts

    how about this one?

    its slightly more but well worth it i think.

    I second the Corsair450, 33amps
  23. Good picks
    Psu has 38amps (better than the Corsair's 450 but 20 pounds more I guess)
  24. This one has the balance of power and excellent value.
    Go for it
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