Asus P5K Temperature

I just put together my new system yesterday.
Everything's working fine with the following specs:

C2D E6750
2GB XMS2 6400C4 Corsair
Corsair VX550 PS
Seagate 320GB
EVGA 8800GTS 320MB

What worries me is the System temp @ 50C
All the other temps are ok, I guess.
CPU @ 31C right now (always under 40C i think)

Is 50C normal for P5K?
It doesn't seem to go beyond the 50C point.

also, is seagate barracuda supposed to be this loud? It makes the usual screeching noise but very loud.
there's no performance problem, i think.

anyways, the main concern is the MB temp.
input is greatly appreciated!
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  1. hi
    a friend of mine has p5k deluxe, and i noticed that it's motherboard temp is a bit higher than my P5B deluxe. mine normal is 40 degrees and his was like 45 degrees or 46. keeping this in mind, your temp looks fine. a bit high but nothing to worry. try to chk the temps under heavy load. tell me about it once u chk the temps under load. hope i helped.
  2. Thanks~

    The temp never goes above 50C even under heavy load, so guess not much to worry about. Maybe I'll add a front chassis fan now. hope that helps a bit.
  3. i have done something which have considerably reduced my mobo temps. i have made holes all over the sheet on which the mobo is attached in the casing. u can do that aswell, but was quite a hardwork.
  4. LOL... that's sounds like too much work for me.
    Thx for the suggestion though.
  5. I had the same problem. my temprature warning use to come on from the Asus software because sys temp was too high. I put an exhaust fan in the back of the case. the case came with an intake fan. Once I installed the exhaust problems.
  6. i have a Asus P5k-V and it runs at 32c-35c if that my cpu runs at 26c-31c but i have 2 90mms fans and 2 120mms fans and 250mm fan and a zalman 9500. but my mobo is always cool so is my cpu.
  7. I have a P5k deluxe wifi-ap with a geforce 8800GTX and the heavy load temperature is 53C is that normal? The idle temperature is 43C.
  8. martinete said:
    I have a P5k deluxe wifi-ap with a geforce 8800GTX and the heavy load temperature is 53C is that normal? The idle temperature is 43C.

    After adding a front fan to the case, the system temp didn't change much.
    Still, around 50C. The highest I saw was 53.

    So, I guess your temps are normal...
  9. I have seen posted elsewhere that the max temp is 65C for the P5k Deluxe. I havent found that spec on the ASUS site though.
  10. Hi, i have the same problem.

    Under load it reaches 51c and idle it drops to 46c , where is the sensor placed on this M/B ?

    I would like to but a small fan just above it, my 2 chassis fans are really making a lot of noise, and in the bios i can only configure a max of the Q-Fan temp of 46c.

    Best regards

    ( P5K/EPU, 2*2Gb Geil Dual channel DDR2/1066 kit. ATI HD4870, Q6700-2,66Ghz )
  11. Hello, guys well about the P5k-E temperature problem that ur facing well maybe theres something wrong cz I do have one since her first day in the market but the temperature on the normal mode (not over clocked) never goes above: 31 CPU/ 29 SYSTEM, whatever am doing.
    My system is like this: Asus P5K-E/ wifi ap Main board.
    Intel Core2 Duo 2,6666/ 1,3335 FSB
    Asus 7950GX2, VGA.
    2GB RAM DDR2 667 Twin Moss.
    160GB, HDD SATA2, Western Digital.
    Samsung DVD /RW/SATA2.
    Normal Case, with 3 small fans (one in front, one side, one rear).
    It’s funny to have just 2GB RAM in this system lollllllllllllll t.c guys.
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