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Hi Guys

Its ABout AVAST 6 Internet Security vs ESET SmartSecurity 4 AVAST 6 Antivirus Free

Now Questions :

1.Which one is Lighter ? i dont care about start up & ... Just wanna know which one will not harm Gaming Performance . i know all might be Good enouhg but which one is BETTER ?

2.Which one is Stronger ? i mean Ability of Blocking & Cleaning or Deleting trojans , malewares , software viruses & ...

No internet SHoping or banking , just wanna have Light & fast & in the same time Strong enouhg Antivirus Against Infected Flash Drives or Optical Disks & ... EVEN internet threats !
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  2. GDATA Internet Security is the lightest and best.
  3. Thanks I hadn't seen that before. I used to recommend AVG but stopped doing that after search engine results in the web browser started getting redirected and showing a bunch of ads from AVG before showing the search results. Sneaky!

    Hawkeye22 said:
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