need help choosing laptop memory

i'm choosing between the 667mhz 2gb laptop so-dimms 1 stick coz it only supports 1 slot

just between the kingston and corsair since it is around the same price
i am not going to overclock the rams bt just want a better performing ram

also i want something that doesn't over heat as much coz my ASUS W7S is kinda hot atm

thanks guys hope u can help me out
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  1. Stay away from Corsair's ValueSelect line, but their premium lines are good. Any Kingston should be fine. Memory won't be significantly affected by heat. You should also make sure your laptop can handle a 2GB SODIMM.
  2. thanks for the reply i was second guessing the corsair value line thanks for the help
  3. what about between kingston and OCZ value series
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