CPU/CPU Fan Problem, doesnt let the computer work.

Hey i have a problem with my recent build, e6750, gigabyte gsr3, intel cpu cooler, radon x1950, and a 320 hdd....

Whenever i shut down my computer, and then try to start it the next day, i get a fire up, no CPU fan going, and a black "no input" monitor signal. I troubleshooted the first time by removing a usb peripheral (printer) and restarting..it worked.

The second time, i tried the same procedure (thinking i left in the cord) but it didn't work. I then opened the computer up to see the Fan on the cpu was not spinning when i booted, it stays in the All high speed fans (for the computer fans) and the CPU intel fan does not want to start. I then shut down, in fear of possibloe over heating or something. I can fix the problem by reseting the MAIN 24 v POWER on the MOBO, and ive dont it twice, but thats really a hassle to pull open the computer every time. Any input would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance (if you need more info ask, i tried to cover it all)

ps. ohh, and now the cpu erratically runs (20 sec on, 20 off) i dont know if this is normal, but i THINK not....
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  1. I am having a similar problem: I put my computer to sleep for the first time since I built it (I have turned it off/on numerous times already) and I couldnt get it to resume from sleep. I turned it off and now whenever I turn it on it never beeps and the cpu fan doesn't spin, however all the other fans do spin. When I turn the computer off, I notice that the cpu fan spins for like 1 second right before the everything stops.

    I am thinking that this is PSU problem. Do these symptoms suggest that? Anything else it could be? I am using the power supply that came with the case and I've heard it was bad.

    Here are my specs:
    Q6600 (no overclock)
    GTS 8800
    4 GB DDR2800
    Seagate 7200
    RAIDMAX SMILODON w/ 500W Power Supply
  2. wow, i forgot to enter this problem happened after i put my computer on standby also....thanks for pointing this out. If you try to reset the power cables, as i did, it might fix it. But i guess im happy im not the only one...but still wanna know why and how to fix!
  3. by reset the power cables you mean just unplug and plug back in? I just found this problem last night and this morning so I have not had time to troubleshoot it that much. My next step was going to be resetting the bios.
  4. Try clearing CMOS with jumper on motherboard. For problem with booting while USB devices connected, try disabling option to Boot from Other Device in Boot Order Menu. If you power on but get no beep or signal to monitor, system has NOT started. You have a PSU or motherboard problem. Please give FULL system spec, including Make/Model of PSU. Instead of mucking about with power connector to motherboard, switch off/disconnect at wall socket, count 10sec then reconnect. If PSU tripped out, that will reset it.

  5. @bballsk8er333

    Have you booted the machine into Windows and then looked to see the CPU fan not spinning? Do you know what your CPU temps are?

    If you don't know what the CPU temps are my recommendation would be to turn your computer on, boot it up and get temps from it immediately, then shut it down. This won't harm anything as your CPU will lock itself before you burn anything out, and the heatsink will provide enough mass to absorb heat for the 2 minutes your computer is on. Also if you could get the temps in your BIOS that would be great too.

    Does the fan spin freely if you move it with your fingers? It should be damn close to frictionless with the exception of possible 'bumps' you feel when you turn the fan with your finger. Have you tried turning the fan blade by hand when the machine is on? The little fan motor needs to draw alot of power(not alot really, but alot more than running power) to start spinning. A fan that is going bad can often maintain spinning, it just doesn't have enough power to actually start spinning.

    Can you possible disconnect the heatsink, and plug it into another computer just to see if the fan will spin on another motherboard? You don't actually have to use the heatsink, just see if the fan will spin.

    Post the info I asked and I'll take a look at it tonight. If you don't see a post from me within 12 hours of your posting, send me an IM so I can check this thread again for you.


    Yeah, using the PSU from the case is a bad idea. I'm thinking your PSU sucks. That might not be the actual problem, but I'd definitely check there first.
  6. Hey man, thanks for the post. I decided to check out the possibility that the mobo is messed up, and i switched the CPU FAN slot on the MOBO to the SYS FAN_2 Slot on the MOBO. Whala, it works like a champ, computer boots as normal. Question is it must be the CPU_FAN (slot) so is it worth sending in the mobo for a new one?, and also, is it OK to have the fan on that slot for my CPU FAN? temps are like 20 C idle, around there, all good, but they were also good when i had it in the cpu slot, as when i got it oing, it started and shut down every 20 secs as stated before.

    thanks for any imput on wether it is ok to run my cpu fan of a SYS FAN
  7. Downside to present situation is rhat fan runs at full speed(max noise). You could check fan settings in BIOS for CPU fan. If fan speed warning set too low, can make BIOS think fan has stalled when it running at intended low speed. If fan not noisy at full speed, you can just use it, as is.

  8. Cool. So apparently your CPU_FAN power is bad. I'd RMA it if you can just because you don't know what's causing it, and you definitely don't want to know what it MIGHT cause to fail later.
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