Delete files within restor points.. virus is in there

i've recently gotten a virus on my computer that locks up everything and i can't even get to the task mgr or open up any thing. it wont let me go on the internet, it locks up the network also, unless i "pay for a virus protection program" which is absolutely pointless because we already have our vp. so far the only thing i've been able to do to "quarinteen" the virus is to hold the power button and just do the power off thing without shutting it down and then opening the computer in safe mode and then restoring it back to approx the last week and then restarting it. but the only thing is that it has surfaced once already and i went to nortan because it found it, but was not able to delete it and i believe it is because it is within those files that are undeletable because they are permenately protected by windows. and the way the computer has been acting i can already feel it surfacing and i just bought a new 1tb external hd and idk if the virus is going to find its way to my 1tb hd. i need to get rid of it. what would you do? if i dont reply in a timely manner than email me at or because i might not be able to find this again.

i'm going to type a few words so that i can find this again... tags for my use; allan rreighe malevolentmistake somethingstarted something starte.
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  1. Don't list your e-mail address in a public form.

    The next time you boot your computer up, load it in Safe Mode with Networking. Go to THIS WEBSITE. Download and install Malware Bytes Anti-Malware and scan your system. This should be able to remove that virus.

    I'm not sure about the system restore points, but I know CCleaner ([url= can delete restore points. If you know of a restore point that definitely is not infected - and you don't care about the ones in between - you could always just delete all the ones in the middle and keep the first clean one.

    And, as always, the final solution can be a full reformat.
  2. +1 lotri
    Malwarebytes & CCleaner & good.
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