Other OS's: Chromium, Chrome, Android

Well I looked around and think this is where this question belongs, haven't found anything close to this question so....

Wondering what anyone can tell me about other OS's like Chromium. I'm interested in options for a pc mainly but also am curious about differences re: notable features/how they work. I understand Chrome is basically Chromium with a few do-dads like built-in pdf viewer and the Google updater (which I hate), and that Android is for phones and tablets. Or was built with them in mind.

I just loaded Linux Mint onto an old PATA to try so I'm coming across Linux flavors like Lubuntu and Puppy Linux that might be worth a look for an older laptop. Not sure what else is out there.

I understand many will say depends on: drivers, how long will it be supported and of course applications. Just interested in what's available, not necessarily what's "best".

Also, thinking about how HTML5 may alter how OS's and online gaming morphs platforms down the line.


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  1. Chrome OS is based on Linux.

    Android, Chrome OS et all are just from the Linux family tree.

    Here you go:

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