MOBO problems with overclocking? q6600 HELP Pease

im using a ASUS P5N-E SLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard
and a q6600 of course ^.^

Im gonna be quite honest im a cpu overclocking nub. Dont really know the first thing about what im going to overclock this thing or how far I should go.

Im using a xp120 thermalright heatsink with a thermal take 120mm smart fan (ik air cooling old school)
Im running a 580watt psu an 8800gtx 630/2000 (dont know if that effects anything)

I get pretty confused when it comes to cpu overclock due mainly to the fact that I dont know the first thing about vmods I mean what should I set this to.? the only thing I really know is that cpu and pci spread spectrum are disabled.
If someone could give me a list to what I should set this bios to. Like a list of what things should be set to im thinking that I want this thing 3.2 - 3.45 range if that is possible on 120mm air cooling. Please help.

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  1. I think you are going to run into a ton of problems with an nVidia chipset trying to get 3.2-3.5 GHz. Unless you're really lucky.

    You should read the sticky on overclocking and ask some more specific questions. It's not exactly like we can tell you what voltage to set everything at, every CPU is different.
  2. Would it be ok to do mult. 10x333 for 3.3ghz, and use 1.32v
  3. i do belive the q6600 is max multiplier of 9x so to achieve that youd do 9x375 and that is achieveable on air, do you know if your q6600 is a b3 or a go model
  4. its core stepping is b3 ? unfortunately 0.0 but eh whatcha gonna do about these things. Ive heard of people getting 3.625GHz at 1.45V a Zalman 9700 so im tryin to be modest I just want to know which voltages I should use 0.o
  5. opp my bad yea its go stepping =]
  6. you can not overclock nvidia and quad cores they can not handle the power requirements or its a fsb issue

    limit on 650i is 2.8-3ghz
    limit on 680i is 3.2-3.4ghz

    the limit increases with water cooling - but even water cooled 680i are not stable at 3.4+ ghz
  7. what mobo do you recommend around 100-115$?
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