Beware Zipzoomfly (their mistake and their attempt at amends)

The problem:
Last week (9/10 to be exact) I ordered an Antec P182 case from I was notified that the order shipped on 9/12 and my credit card was subsequently charged. Today, the expected delivery date, I discover through my own inquiries to the shipper that the item was never received from Zipzoomfly despite Zipzoomfly emailing me a tracking number and charging my credit card.

My discussions with Zipzoomfly revealed that they decided to stop stocking the case. However, that did not stop them from emailing me false emails about its shipping status and charging me for the case.

The attempt at amends:
I will receive a refund in 5-7 business days and they upgraded my shipping on a replacement case (different model) to 2nd day for free.

I am hopeful I will get my replacement case by Friday, but I am still displeased with the false information coming from Zipzoomfly. The fact that I was charged and, dare I say, lied to has diminished my confidence in this company significantly.

Note: If this post needs to be moved to another forum, so be it. I put it here as the product involved was a case.
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  1. So much for their attempt to make amends. They did not upgrade the shipping to 2nd day. So that's two lies and one theft from ZipZoomFly in a week. I'm certainly done doing business with them.
  2. @over_c,

    I have had problems with ZZF shipping also, (never with the products or prices) but you need to keep hammering on them. I would send them emails at least once a day, or even every several hours until you get satisfaction. My experience is that if you repeatedly let them know how unhappy your are with their service, (although you should not have to) eventually they will give in. Good luck!
  3. ZipZZ has done well for us previously.

    I wonder if management has changed.
  4. Over the past few years I have placed 8 to 10 orders w/ZZF and never had an issue. Like onestar said, I wonder if something has changed there?
  5. Like turtle1, I've placed around that many orders as well with no problems. NewEgg generally seemed to be about a day faster getting me my stuff, but for most things ZZF was generally a little cheaper. Hopefully this is just an isolated incident.

    I do like how the op didn't get overly emotional over it... just the facts. Some people just go off on rants... those people SCARE ME.
  6. I have been a customer with ZipZoomFly since they were Googlegear. I am just amazed at the vastness of this set of errors. First off, why did I get an email saying the item had shipped when it never shipped (lie #1)? Second, why did they charge my credit card when they never actually sent me the product I ordered (theft)? Third, why would two customer service representatives promise me a free upgrade to 2nd day shipping and then not follow through (lie #2)?

    And finally, why did I have to discover all this before they knew about it? Don't they have any sort of quality assurance checks that might verify that all the above doesn't happen, or allow them to catch it in the first place? The matter-of-fact way with which the customer service employees took my complaint was also frightening. They did not seem surprised in any way that something like this had happened or particularly eager to rectify the situation.

    It's likely this is an isolated incident, but it's not the first bad mistake they've made with my orders. It will be the last. I'm just sharing my experiences for you all.
  7. Maybe they just changed the software they're using and it's full of bugs. The people who send you e-mail don't actually see the case. They may even be in a different city than the warehouse shipping the product. I bet they just looked at a monitor and believed it.
  8. You could always support your mom/pop store and buy locally for an extra $20 bucks. Most of them will barter with you to get a better price.

    I recently purchased the P182 Special edition... I like it as much as I hate it. Go figure.
  9. we are the people that keep companys like this in business,hearing this just insures me that I won't be doing business there again...demand satisfaction or dump em,thats my 2 cents....the customer is ALWAYS right,we put companys like this on the map if not for us,they'd be stocking shelves at a grocery store.
  10. Before the flame war against the OP commences - his isn't the first complaint I've seen against ZZF, and NO ONE should have to check up on a shipper. If you recieve an email with a confirmation/tracking number, then reasonably you should expect the product has shipped. I don't pay an E-tailer only to turn around and do THEIR leg work on the status of my order. So charging a credit card without delivery of service is technically theft - and from what I've seen it's practically THE policy at ZZF.
  11. Reputations are built by people who take personal responsibility; they are shattered by people blithely operating in an atmosphere of ignorance. I agree entirely with utaka95. While I don't think ZZF set out to steal from the OP, what happened was, technically, a theft. Whether in process, software, or somewhere else, there is a flaw that ZZF needs to fix. Let's see if they do before declaring that ZZF has struck out. As MrsBytch says, every company will have a dissatisfied customer somewhere.
  12. The tracking # probably wasn't a lie. The way I have seen these things work is that they will manifest several packages at once, all of them getting a tracking #. At some point somone must have removed the package and didn't cancel the shipment in the manifest. So basically, they were ready to ship it, stopped it and didn't update the info into the computer. UPS will have the tracking info, but when tracked it would tell you something like "electronic shipping information received". In other words, they told us we will be getting it but we do not have a confirmation scan of the barcode.

    If their system works like I think it does, when the tracking info is sent to their database, the credit card is automatically billed. I strongly doubt they have people sitting around waiting to bill all the shipments when they could set a simple triggered event like this. Again if no-one put the cancellation into the computer, the transaction would not get changed.

    Overall, I'd say that someone in the shipping department forgot to update the shipments info and thus you were charged and no cancellation notification e-mail was sent.

    As to the upgraded shipping, did you get a confirmation # or incident # from them? If not, depending on the company, they can deny anything that was said. I've known people that have admitted to saying just about anything to get off the phone with an angry customer and that there was no documentation of the conversation so any promises made will likely not be honored and when the customer calls back, they are someones elses problem. Sucks, I know.
  13. Sorry MrsBytch but I never check tracking numbers, I order too much stuff, and I'm generally not in a hurry to get the stuff - and yes Newegg screws up (like switching to United Package Smashers for shipping) but they generally catch their own mistakes. So I for one, after ZZF screwed up the very first order I ever placed with them, will never bother with them again. And why bothering replying at all if I'm an idiot? I'm just wasting you're time by not wasting mine with tracking numbers! :sarcastic:
  14. And now a comment from the business world......

    SMALL and highly automated selling businesses usually process a charge card at the moment of the transaction being keyed, not at the moment of being shipped. As most computerized businesses can verify the cost of shipping and whether the goods are within their system, they will complete all paperwork at the moment the order is keyed. This means the tracking number is being assigned to the order while the order is still in the sales office.

    That tracking number is valid until it is used or cancelled.

    IF (big IF) the shipper says they shipped the package then UPS -FedEX -DHL software will ASSSUME the package was loaded on the truck as drivers do not individually scan the packages. The shipping company will continue to ASSUME the package is within their system until the package arrives at a break or hub terminal at which point the package is individually scanned.

    If the package is not on today's freight company scans, the number may be on tomorrow’s scans, so the freight company just places a hold, delay status or some other code on the tracking number.

    That is of course assuming the shipper said the package was shipped.

    The shipper may still have the package. But that tracking number is still valid until the package is shipped and will not be in the freight companies' system until the shipper says it has shipped.

    Ordering on the 10th and being notified on the 12th that the order was processed and a tracking number assigned is not the same thing as ordering on the 10th and being notified on the 12th that the order had shipped. There is a big difference. The OP needs to get his/her facts straight when he/she is going to blast a company for their poor performance.
  15. I agree w/ rodney_ws, MrsBytch and StevieD. ZZF would not have a 90%+ (or whatever it is currently) customer satisfaction rating if this happened all the time. What happened to the Op was no doubt a mistake and not an attempt by ZZF to rip him off. It sucks that it happened and somewhere along the way it has gotten out of hand. ZZF will no doubt correct their error and resolve the issue. There are a lot of hands from several companies involved with ordering, processing, packaging, shipping, tracking, etc of any order and mistakes do happen. I like ZZF (as well as New Egg). Maybe I have been lucky not to have had a problem with them. The good thing is that we all have choices as where to order stuff from. If we don't like one, we can move onto the next. Just my .02 worth.
  16. over_c had problem with zipzoom fly too 8 month ago.brought asus pn5sli mobo,core deal 2 1.8 2 gig of corsair 667 xms and a bfg 7950 gt.took 2 weeks to get to me in nashville tn,was suppose to be 2 day.paid for 2nd day shipping.they did say they was sorry but didn't refund 2nd day ^%&(^%(&^(^$

    most people who has the asus pn5sli mobo knew after trying to get it working correctly found out it was junk.

    1st board they sent me never powered up, 2nd board fried cpu,after a month of talking to asus and zipzoomfly . if you go to the asus forum you will see what I'm talking about the board was the biggest piece of junk on the planet.

    sense the 30 days ran out on me by them shipping me different part.they said there was nothing they could do for much for zip

    have not gone back sense and for the asus pn5sli it a wind mill but it doesn't do that well ever.hehehe

    go with the egg or what mom and pop local.

    never will buy from zip or buy asus it's your money spend it with a good helping company free shipping isn't every thing m8.they put it in the price of the parts. good luck trying to get help from both of does companys
  17. Nope, I had a big post written trying to explain things to MrsBytch, but then I remembered not to feed the troll. Have a good day.

    If you think I am reacting unfairly you are free to disregard my experience. If not, please keep this experience in mind should you choose to shop at
  18. While I agree you should track your shipments when you receive a tracking number, it's not always accurate. I had a problem with Newegg a few months back when I ordered some movies. Received a tracking number and tracked it. The day is stated "delivered", I expected them to be waiting for me when I got home. Sure enough, there was a package, but it only contained three of the five movies.

    It took me a few days and several COURTEOUS phone calls, but we eventually worked things out and I was refunded for the two movies never received. Despite the few problems I've had with Newegg and my utter hatred of UPS, they're still my preferred e-tailor.

    To quote the immortal words of John Bender, "Screws fall out all the time, sir--the world's an imperfect place...".

    -Wolf sends
  19. mrs bytch hope this is not the same bytch that played fear on finedragonlair because if it is I still owe you a a-- woopping hehehe.

    and if it is fill the pain bytch I mean majorpain.hehehe
  20. My $0.02:

    First I always check my tracking numbers. Not because I think I should, but I am just too eager to get my new gear.

    Secondly I have learned "ALWAYS" plan on your computer being 2 weeks late. With as many parts as I usually order for 1 PC (mobo, cpu, gpu, psu, ram...) something can and will have to be RMAed. It is just a fact of life. I am not saying it is right but it happens.

    Your blood pressure will be much lower if you learn that **** happens and plan for it.

    PS. I planned for a new PC to be shipped 1 week before my LAN party. I didnt have it in time.
  21. Why do people fear buying at a local mom/pop shop?
    <--- Builds w/o grief and with near newegg prices.
  22. I like to shop locally as well but sometimes the price online is half that of local. One thing i will most likely never buys online is a screen. Specs just don't mean much till i have run it through my color/response tests.....
  23. I had a problem wih ZZF a few years ago. I went to their site to order a 1 GB Twinx Corsair XMS PC3200 memory set. I put in my payment information and went to complete payment. The next thing that happened was the site information did not update. I don't know if this was on my end, on their end or my isp's end. I did not have any confirmation that the order went through from ZZF, the site just locked up. My internet connection was still connected, so I closed IE and reopened it to try to put the order through. The second try, I was successful. I paid for the item, and received confirmation. Later on in the week, my package arrived. I opened it up, and to my surprise, I had received two sets of 1 GB twinx memory. I figured that the first order had gone through, even though I never got the confirmation, and the site locked up. I called ZZF, and explained the error. They did not seem to care that I only wanted one order and that there was an error while I was trying to make the order. They offered an RMA and a 15 % restock fee. I was pretty upset with ZZF because they couldn't do me the courtesy of refunding me the entire amount for one set of the Twinx memory. I told them forget it, I'll sell it on ebay and I'll do my computer shopping elseware. I haven't ordered from ZZF since then. I've done thousands in business from NewEgg. By the way, New Egg seems to have better customer service, because they've made mistakes on my orders and they have fixed the errors. Often times I see better prices on ZZF, but I'll still order from NewEgg, because it is less of an headache to straighten out a problem if it should occur.
  24. I like mom/pop stores too but there are only 3 in my town. All of the people in there are pretty stupid too. I told them I usually shop at newegg but wanted to shop locally. They basically told me these are their prices and they arent changing at all. It was about 75% higher than newegg.
  25. Sad to hear. I have used them over a dozen times, the last being 2 months ago, without a hitch. Even got rebates as promised. Most likely, something or someone is new. Unfortunately, such is life on-line sometimes.

    Luckily I can always walk to my local Fry's.
  26. CompTIA_Rep said:
    Why do people fear buying at a local mom/pop shop?
    <--- Builds w/o grief and with near newegg prices.

    Because in some markets there are no local mom & pop shops. Or the local choice may only be BB-CC-RatShack.

    But in most cases the customers is trying to squeeze every last penny of savings out of every purchase while fighting the offerings of the mom & pop.

    What do I mean? Well I was quoted an $50 higher than the 'net price for one brand of an 8800GTS 640mb by a local mom & pop. Rip off. Evil. Whatever you want to call it. But the same store's price on the 8800GTS 320mb by another brand was only $21 more than the 'net price.

    Obviously the mom & pop wants to sell brand A over brand B. But it is more than that. The store wants to deal in the middle ground (I asked). $300 GPU's and $300 CPU's (and cheaper) are more popular than than $400, $500 etc price points. The store stocks the middle ground and special orders the higher end stuff. Buy what the brand store wants to sell and is within their speciality and the price can be quite fair.

    To me $21 more than the 'net is very fair. Freight costs can be $21 if one is not careful. In fact I would pay a much larger premium just to have a local source to confirm my new gidet is DOA. $50 may be extreme, but it is only a 10-12% premium over the 'net price for that item. Many people look at the $ amount of the premium rather than the % amount of the premium. The $21 premimum on the cheaper card is 8% premium over the 'net price.

    Of course some people are more concerned with the absolute price without regard to support and service.

    And then there is the "no sales tax" issue. Actually it is a false issue.

    Most people read Tax Free and read the first sentence of a statement such as : but fail to follow the link in the first sentence :

    Yep, sales tax can't be avoided.

    Stop. Don't claim you get away with it.

    My business is audited about every 18 months by the state sales tax people. I have seen enough paperwork laying on the desks and seen the documents being handled to know the state is searching for documentation (sales invoices and shipping records) that is being sought by other state tax entities.

    A $50 computer part with $4 in use tax due is not going to get somebody's panties in a wad. Try hiding a $5000 purchase with $400 in use tax due.
  27. This type of behavior from a vender is the first clue that it's time to keep an eye on zipzoomfly.
    I have seen this pattern from other vender's, where at first it's small things like holding payment until they get stock, all the while making interest off the float. Slow response to errors until your time has run out on the 30 day window of customer service. Charging restocking fees for dead items.
    As was once said, trust but verify.
    They might be having trouble that we as general consumers just don't know about.

    I get most of my stuff from Newegg when they have one of them ridiculous sales where the item is so cheep it beats anything else.
    Last thing I bought from, an Antec 900 case shipped to me for 78 dollars
    Stopped buying from Tiger Direct when they were in the middle of their new CRM system change over, and it took forever to get items from them.

    I would love to buy from the local mom and pop store, but they carry crap, and can't compete with newegg at retail. Rat Shack wants to sell TV.s and Cell phones, Big box electronic stores are 30 miles away, and the cpusa went out of business.

    It's been about 6 months since the last order I made with zipzoomfly, I also have been a customer since it was google gear.

    I really do like Newegg.
  28. I understand ZIP making one mistake and I don't blame them people/companies do make mistakes, but when a company says were upgrading your shipping service and they fail a second time its worth it to me to spend more money someware else if it saves me the trouble and misery.
  29. I worked customer service at one time. I learned quickly always get names, numbers, confirmation numbers, and supervisors names & numbers.

    People will not lie to you if you have all that info.
  30. Sorry to hear about your troubles with ZZF. I don't think I've ever bought something from them, but I've only heard good things. One place you might want to keep in mind is When I build my most recent computer just over a year ago, I bought my case from them. (the shipping for their cases can't usually be beat, at least for the low cost cases.) I placed my order with them on Thursday night, along with the parts from newegg. I knew that newegg was fast, and forgot to check to see how long geeks claimed it would take for my case to arrive. I was worried that I would have all my parts, with no case to put them in. :( Their site said it would take 7-10 days with the shipping I bought, which was standard shipping. Can you imagine my surprise when FedEx showed up on my door SATURDAY morning with my case? Two day service? Saturday delivery? Needless to say I was quite stunned. I and my friend have bought from geeks many times without any issues.

    P.S. Is there a reason I see part of my signature in one of your posts? ;)
  31. Troll? Hmmmm I remember trolls. Trolls were reportedly hiding under bridges waiting for unsuspecting children to cross. Those were the days.
  32. Trolls went extinct from over hunting around 1903... To bad we have so many imitators.
  33. I had a bad experience with guys, guess no one would ever buy from them again..... "grins" and are two great companies. Stuff happens, c'est la vie......
  34. Quote:
    They send you tracking numbers for a reason, so you can check on your shipment. If you fail to do so, then yes your a idiot.

    i can see you now at the computer checking your tracking number 2-3 times a day.......
    scanned at shipper
    received from shipper
    in transit
    scanned at distribution center
    in transit
    scanned at local warehouse
    in transit
    out for delivery
    where's my damn package you idiots,
    golly gee, anybody who is not neurotic like me and doesn't
    keep tabs on these shipments deserves to be screwed.

    Rant Over
    the simple truth lies within the fact that we expect professionals to a do a professional job, when one person in a company makes a major mistake like this not only does it look bad for the individual but also for the company.
  35. mad-dog said:
    i can see you now at the computer checking your tracking number 2-3 times a day.......
    scanned at shipper
    received from shipper
    in transit
    scanned at distribution center
    in transit
    scanned at local warehouse
    in transit
    out for delivery
    where's my damn package you idiots,
    golly gee, anybody who is not neurotic like me and doesn't
    keep tabs on these shipments deserves to be screwed.

    Rant Over
    the simple truth lies within the fact that we expect professionals to a do a professional job, when one person in a company makes a major mistake like this not only does it look bad for the individual but also for the company.

    Or worse.... calling UPS/FedEX 16 times per day trying to speed up the delivery service.

    Oh yes, the paranoid and demanding always try to place themselves before others.
  36. Thats how you get your order canceled
  37. What I don't get is the leniency of some overlooking the "after" part.

    Ok yeah, we are all human, mistakes do happen, be it the warehouse guy, the shipping guy, the UPS driver or whatever. Somebody at some point is going to screw up. That is a fact of life.

    However, sometimes how a company decides to deal with a mistake can in fact raise your confidence in them.

    As some said, while the credit card charging is technically theft this doesn't mean they actually intended nor willingly committed such an act.
    For me it was after the mistake was known that things went wrong.
    A good company, realizing the mistake on their part should have tried their best rectifying the situation in the best way possible either being going off their way to supply the promised product or where applicable, another product of same or higher quality OR, if that wasn't possible/didn't meet the customer's approval, a swift and full refund.

    A good company decides to take the hit knowing that this hit can and will bring future profits.
    A half-assed company will simply try to feint ignorance and when that doesn't work, try to make you to give up on the incident thinking "Oh well, we wont' miss his business..."

    A satisfied customer brings 3 more, a dissatisfied customer drives 10 more away I always say...

    Just my .02
  38. Mmmm...My fedex guy gave me his cell number so I could meet him at the beginning of his route, because I am one of the last on his route and I HATE waiting.

    So far, the arrangement works very well. Of course it would not work if I did not check the status of the shipment.
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