Sick and Tired!

Hi all,
1) Random BSODs for no apparent reason (No, it's not the GFX card drivers)
2) Crappy performance
3) TDR errors
4) annyong crashes
5) Compatibility problems
So, I want to dual boot my system with XP
I am thinking of using EasyBCD, any suggestions?
What are some major problems I could encounter and what are some things I can do to avoid them?
Also, I want ot install XP on a second hard drive, could this work?
Thanks in advance
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  1. I used Vista for a couple of years and never had a system crash or even a single blue screen. If you have Vista Ultimate, an XP Virtual machine can be run from the Vista installation. I have an XP VM in my last remaining Vista system. Before going back to XP, look to Windows 7 64.
  2. BSODs were just as common on XP... downgrading is no guarantee to fix your issues. If you really want to dual boot, then install XP fresh first and then install Vista fresh. If you're having hardware issues, then XP will bluescreen just as much as Vista, however.
  3. mmmmmmmmmmm....
    But how could I be having Hardware issues if I am a temperature Nazi and nothing has overheated?
  4. There's more to a computer than temperature.
  5. Vista SP2 installations have no inherent stability isssues.
  6. SO then what can I do?
    these only happen on some games
    There are games like CiV5 Which i can run for hours flawless
    then MW2 only TDRs on intense battles on rust
    COuld it be my PSU?
    I don't think its the RAM because the sound doesnt loop (Correct me if I'm wrong)
    Please, please help!
  7. When runing software (Games, Apps), RAM is often the cause of system crash. In BIOS be sure to set the RAM mfg. specified voltage, speed and timings. You might try playing games with one DIMM RAM is slot 1 only. Run memtest and check for defective RAM. A fresh installation of Vista with SP2 may be needed. Running a cleanup utility like Ccleaner can clean up the Vista installation and make registry repairs and remove clutter from installing/removing software. Blue Screens are generally caused by Windows shutting down to prevent damage from hardware issues the software detects.
  8. Before touching the bios and components (All of them are at factory settings) :D (For me in 90% of the "advanced" stuff i do on my PC there is always a problem)
    And I do clean my registry and temp files often
    I have summin to share with you guys:
    So I was reading this guide:
    Well, this picture is worth more than 1000 words:
    What should I do?
    I didn't do any steps of the guide except searching for the duplicate drivers........
    Please guide me through this as a computer breakdown would kill me -.-
    Thank you all!
    Some drivers are dated from a year before I even purchased the system...........
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