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I have a 80 GB hard disk with Windows XP installed in it and another 230 GB HD with 3 partition showing as F, G, H in my comp.

I tried loading XP OS in this 320 GB by un installing the 80 GB one howeveroncethe comp restart in the process it asked me that only one partition F was locatedand should it continue...
i click on proceed but then in 2 second wth fear of data getting deleted I pressed the ESC to end process.

However when I connected 320 GB HD wth the XP running form 80GB one... it did show in the C partiton at only one F partiton. but cannot acess it as it ask evey time to FORMAT it with YES or NO otions..

I tried RECUVA and other recovery softwares but they show the F in their menu but cannot access it either

Can you please HELP me as I have some Very important work files in for which I have invested lot of time and efforts ...

you can mail me at paragdd@gmail.com

Thna you all in advance
Await your URGENT reply
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  1. Sounds like you wiped out the partition info on the second drive when you were messing around with installing XP on it.

    Try testdisk utility, it's pretty good at recovering partition issues.
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