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Publicly editable calendar?

I have signed up for several sites this morning that offer calendars, and I am amazed that I can't seem to find this incredibly obvious option in any of them.

Basically what I need is a simple web page that has a current calendar. I want anyone who visits the page to be able to create an event without having to log into anything. Hell, it doesn't even have to be an event if they can just click on a date in the calendar and type in the box.

Since I'm not having much luck with calendar services, I should mention that I do have hosting and can install PHP/SQL stuff if it's relatively straightforward. I would love it if I could sync the calendar to Google Calendar or via iCal, but that's not critical, if such functionality is just too much to ask for.

I thought I had it made when Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar both gave the option to share the calendar publicly, but alas, in both cases the calendar is read-only.

Any suggestions would be helpful!
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  1. I know for sure you can make such a calender with Visual Studio - but I suppose you can't host ASP.NET websites?
  2. MY web host is not Microsoft, but I can do PHP stuff. I'm kind of amazed that a simple calendar doesn't exist anywhere online. Or rather, I'm sure it does... I just can't seem to find it. There are so many interesting and advanced features, yet I can't find features that seem so very basic. Hm.
  3. Zimbra has a nice shareable editable calender if you want to go that route.
  4. I checked out Zimbra and it seemed cool, but again, was way too complex for my needs. Finally found what I'm looking for at which allows you to create a freely editable calendar, or put a single username and password on it. Perfectly simple!

    If only I could sync it with google calendar then I'd be able to edit it from my android calendar app which would be ideal, but in the mean time this will definitely do. Thanks for the suggestions!
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    BTW the way I FINALLY found what I was looking for was to use the word "scheduler" in my Google hunting, as opposed to "calendar".
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