ATI RADEON X800 - Crossfire? x16 slot?

I just built a system mainly for video editing. So I bought an ebay video card: ATI RADEON X800 SE 128MB.

I have been doing some overclocking, so I put the card in my lower PCIe slot, which only runs x4 so that it keeps the heat away from my CPU.

Would I gain some advantage with this card by installing it in the x16 slot?

Should I look at buying a second one cheap and set them up Crossfire? What advantages would this offer? (assuming the X800 even supports Crossfire)

Thoughts? Quips? Rotten fruit and vegetables?
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  1. Crossfire is for gaming. To use crossfire you need a crossfire-certified motherboard.

    Regardless, crossfire will offer you no advantage in the video-editing arena.

    For video editing, a 4x slot should work fine.
  2. Allow me to add to clarifications:
    1) I have an ASUS P5k Deluxe which supports Crossfire
    2) I am doing some gaming, but dont want to spend a fortune to get top tier performance (at least not yet :) )
  3. If you're doing light gaming, the X800 SE will be fine.

    If you want to step up, crossfiring X800's is not the answer. A single X1950 PRO for $125 will beat the living daylights out of two X800 SE's in crossfire.
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