Windows xp logon deleted

I deleted the administrator on the windows do I set up another one.
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  1. How are you on atm? or different PC?

    Start in safe mode, will allow you to access everything you need in control panel including admin pw and all that
  2. You can't delete the default administrator account. Boot into safe mode, and access the admin account there.
  3. To change your account back to administrator,

    Boot into safe mode

    Go to Start, then Run, and type in

    control userpasswords2

    and press Enter.

    In the dialog that appears, you can either add an account or check the
    properties of an account. Clicking on the Properties box will give you
    another window. There will be a tab that says Group Membership. On that tab
    you can click Other, and in the drop down box will be all sorts of account
    choices - Administrator included.

    You can also go through Control Panel...Administrative Tools...Computer
    Management to achieve the same effect.
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