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I'm a noob at overclocking. I only got my X2 3800+ up to 2.4ghz by increasing the FSB (I believe) to 240 and didn't increase the voltage (Voltage is at around 1.325) or anything. I also have a Zalman CNPS9500 so cooling is not a problem. Now, my system runs fine but I would like to know if there are any other changes that I should be making that would allow me to overclock it more and get better results. I have a BFG Tech nForce 4 Ultra mobo, 500W Antec PSU, 8800GT, 3GB RAM, 120GB Hard Drive. Any suggestions and advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Check out the sticky:
    Good luck on your overclock.
  2. Also, you can get in the bios, and lower the HT link from Auto, or 5x, which for the Athlon 64's is the default I believe, lower it to 4x, then up your FSB speed. That should give you some more room.

    HT works like this, say you have 200 mhz fsb...

    5x200=1000 HT, which is default. Once you hit a certain level, the PC does not like that too much, but if for example you lower HT to 4x...

    4x250 for example=1000 HT, but you would get higher clock speed. So lower the HT speed to 4x, and up your fsb and see if that doesn't help some.
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