need help setting up my 3DFX Maxi Gamer 3D2

I'm trying to get my 12mb Maxi Gamer 3D2 PCI accelerator card to work on my new(er) Pentium 4. My system is:

ASUS P5GD1-VM motherboard
3Ghz Intel CPU
1gb DDRam
200gb Samsung IDE harddrive
SoundBlaster Live PCI audio card
ATI Radeon X600 Pro PCI-Express adapter

I'm running Windows 98SE on a 30gb partition and the adapter is properly connected to the Gamer accelerator.

My problem is that the Maxi Gamer isn't functioning properly under Win98. I have had it working flawlessly on older systems so I know that there isn't a problem with the card or drivers (which I've installed from the original Maxi Gamer 3D2 cd). After installing the drivers, the 3DFX tab shows up in the Display Properties in the Control Panel (and seems fine as I can make adjustments) but when I try to run a game I get a black screen and have to CTRL-ALT-DEL to shut the game down. When I go back into the Display Properties, the 3DFX tab is gone. The odd thing is that if I move the resolution slider to another resolution and then back to my original resolution, save the changes, close and then open the Display again, the 3DFX tab is back. I've tried the Voodoo2 1000 drivers from Guillemot's webpage, but they just locked up Windows when I went into the tab it created in Display Properties and I eventually just reinstalled and went with the original drivers. As I said, the card and these drivers have worked before in Win98 in older machines so I'm hopeful that it's a BIOS setting or a conflict of some kind with the faster Radeon or system that can be fixed with some setting adjustments. I really don't want to set this card back up on an older 133Mhz Pentium that I still have hanging around so any help would really be appreciated.

Also, can anyone could reference some good 3rd party drivers for XP for this card?

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  1. My question is... why would you even want to set up that card in the first place?
  2. Like, yeah, why? I remember those old 3DFX cards. I even owned a couple years back, when the first SLI rigs came out. But the big thing about 3DFX was its support of Glide, which isn't used on games anymore.

    Anyway, you're probably running into a conflict with the ATI card and both cannot operate on you machine. And that's not counting on the possibility that the newer motherboard doesn't support the 3DFX card. There comes a time when old parts have to hit the dustbin or get mounted as trophies of the past. That's where the 3DFX card belongs, in the past.
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