4gb ram in DS3L or G33

I'm building a new Gigabyte system DS3L or G33M-S2 (on board graphics), with E6750 & X1950pro.

Don't need Raid, no SLI, 1 H/D & 1 optical drive, 4gb ram & I may have a try at a slight overclock in the near future
(with help from you lot, obviously ;O)

Q1: Are the DS3L or G33 the right boards to go for?
Q2: Any body recommend 4 gb ram that is stable & has no issues with these boards?

Was hoping one of you may be running 4 gigs on one of these & could advise me.

Don't need expensive stuff, just something solid that will work from the off.

I'll probably be buying from here........

Oh & 1 more thing I'll be using Xp for a while then upgrading to Vista

cheers guys
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  1. I've been running 4 GB of G. SKILL (2x2GB) F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ on a GA-P35C-DS3R for a couple of weeks. Recognized and running with no problems. You'll probably want to go to the 64bit version of Vista (or XP) so that the full 4GB will be recognized. ( Currently running XP64 :-)
  2. cheers skip
    Thats what I want to hear...
    Anybody else running 4gb without any trouble so I can add it to my list?
  3. Q1: yes , but for DS3L
    Q2:Get DDR2 800 , with brands like OCZ, CRUCIAL , GEIL , CORSAIR...
  4. Just heard a lot of people seem to have trouble with voltages on this board (not being enough to supply the ram) when first connecting, or was this an early bios thing thats now been sorted?
  5. well , there isnt any board that doesnt have any issues , for example , u may get a P35 DS3L and it works fine and some one else may buy that and it may be faulty
  6. Maziar,

    I well may buy a board that would normally be ok, but if used with the wrong ram, would give me issues.

    Thats the idea behind this post, to help me not get any issues ;O)
  7. well , there are some RAMs which arent in the motherboards compatible RAM , for example , take a look @ P35 DS3L SUPPORTED RAM:

    as u see there are many rams like OCZ FLEX , OCZ REAPER ... that arent in that list , but they are compatible ,

    so , if a RAM isnt in the motherboard supported list ,it doesnt mean that the motherboard doesnt support it
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