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All of a sudden my pc has lost its sound. I am currently using a plug and play set of speakers that have been working for a while until now. I have checked all of the volume controls and they are all turned all the way up, the device manager says all sound drivers are installed and there are no updates available. I'm running out of ideas can anyone help? I also tested the speakers on my laptop and they work fine and I also tryied using headphones on the pc but still no luck.
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  1. Can anyone help?
  2. On device manager try removing sound devices, & Scan for hardware changes.
    Either windows will detect & install drivers automatically or install the drivers manually again & check.
  3. Check your audio manager and make sure you have an audio device selected.
  4. I did a system restore to the previous day and it worked but its really bugging me that I don't know what caused this.
  5. Driver files may be corrupted.
    Check for Viruses/ Malwares in your system.
  6. If you have auto updates enabled, it's very likely that's what caused it. Using the restore points will undo the update.

    It may be a good idea to check the Microsoft update page to see if there is an update waiting. If there is, it will likely download and do it all over again.
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