AGP v AGP express?

I was thinking about upgrading my motherboard/cpu, but I dont want to have to up my graphics card right now as well. The mobo i'm thinking of getting has a PCIE slot and an AGP express slot. Does anyone know if AGP express is different than AGP?

Heres my system btw:
AMD Sempron 2600
ATI Radeon 512mb AGP
1gb 266mhz RAM
VIA VT8237 mobo

Heres what im thinking of upgrading to:
VIA VT8237R motherboard
AMD 64 3700 cpu

Thanks :)
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  1. That's the southbridge. Can you post the make and model of the motherboard.

    Most AGP Express boards had only limited support for certain AGP cards so it's a try at your own risk thing. IIRC the Asrock ULi Chipset boards (like the 939Dual-VSTA) were the only boards with both a "true" AGP slot and PCI-E X16. All others were dodgy to work with and weren't worth the effort.
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