Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6 RV2 Mobo help please

I just got this board as part of my new system and the bios / board is being a real in the butt, if anyone could please help it would be greatly appreciated. Have asked the same questions on other forums plus googled and keep finding other people having similar if not the same problems

One of my problems is that my memory is 1066 but the mobo runs at 800, have tried turning appropiate stuff up in the BIOS but then the computer will either give a BSOD at boot up or a long beep and reset the BIOS

In the bios DD2 1.8v is marked as FAIL and in red (my memory is supposed to run at 2.2v)?

Also my video card is only running at 100MHZ which is nowhere near what it is supposd to be doing, have tried RivaTuner but it only worked till a reboot then I couldn't get it to work after that, it was as if the mobo was blocking it.

I can't run all 4 sticks of memory as the computer won't reboot, it switches of then I have to press the power button a lot of times (29 is the most so far) to get it going. If I take anyone of the memory sticks out it reboots ok. All the memory has been tested by memtest and on other pc's and is working well.

Have tried taking everything out of the pc except for the bare essentials and putting it back in one at a time to no avail.

These problems are extremely frustrating for me and the dealer I bought the stuff of and assembled the pc for me, we have even asked Gigabyte for help but with no replies.

My system

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 CPU
2 x Kingston Hyper X 2 GB Kit memory 1066MHz
Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6 RV2 Mobo
Razer Barracuda AC-1 Digital Audio Card
XFX PCIe 8800GTX xXx Video card
Thermaltake 1000W Toughpower PSU
WD 250GB SataII HD
Compro T750 HDTV Dual Tuner PCI Card
Thermaltake Bigwater 745 water cooling
Samsung 226BW 22" monitor
Samsung Syncmaster 913 19" monitor
Silverstone TJ07 Tower
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  1. Your specs is top quality. I don't see any problems.


    Is that the ram? If so, it's 2.00v @ 4-4-4-12.

    Unfortunately, your ram isn't listed as compatible, but I think it should work with some changes to bios.

    Where do you find 100mhz for video? Is it PCI-E? If so, it's normal. The video core & ram speeds are in display props.

    Gen-speak, when you run 4 sticks of ram, you increase ddr2 voltage. I have. Otherwise, it may be unstable in windows.

    Disconnect power cord, press power button a few times, remove all but 1 stick of ram, clear cmos as per manual, hook it up & go to bios:

    I'm not sure if Gigabyte hides the advanced options. Press CTRL-F1 in bios in main menu. Go thru each menu until the 1st in the article.

    CPU = 333
    RAM = 1066

    Set timings to specs 4-4-4-12-2T

    CPU RATIO = 9X
    DDR2 = +0.200v (default is 1.8v)

    The rest as is.

    Save & exit. If it's a go, disconnect power cord, press power button a few times, install the other sticks of ram. then d/l & burn this to CD:

    Boot it up & let it run for 5 passes or more. Report back any errors.
  2. Thanks for the reply, my memory is here

  3. No problem.

    Do what I said except for ram timings & voltage which are 5-5-5-15 @ 2.2V (or +0.4000v). The hardware monitor will red your ram voltage cuz it's above 2.1v. Don't mind it. If you're worried, lower it to +0.3v.
  4. I did it and it gave me a BSOD so when I rebooted I changed the bios to optimal and it rebooted fine, tried your idea again and another BSOD, did it all through again for good luck and another BSOD so I gave up, thanks anyway
  5. Does 1 or 2 sticks of ram BSOD as well?
  6. when settings are put into bios to change memory to 1066 (although can't find anywhere to raise voltage to 2.2v) 1 stick runs fine and cpuz & everest load fine, on 2 sticks windows loads up but then explorer encounters an error and must close, also cpuz doesn't load at all, with 3 sticks I get the bsod etc.

    I can run 3 sticks fine on default optimized settings in the bios, but I see it that if I paid for memory that does better then it should run at it's factory best. Also, if my motherboard says it can handle 8 gigs then it should at least handle 4 gigs.

    Thanks again

    On rereading this it sounds like it was being a bit hasty towards you, sorry it definitely isn't meaant to be
  7. No problem. I'm trying to help you run the pc at stock error-free. I could almost guarantee it if I had access to the pc. Unless some parts are dead/faulty.

    This is where you raise voltage. Gigabyte hides these by default. You must press CTRL-F1 in bios main menu.

    If you don't raise voltage, windows will most likely BSOD with 4 sticks of ram. My ram is at 2.1v in bios.
  8. Vista or XP? I saw somewhere if you install with XP sp1 or earlier you have to download something from microsoft to run more then 2 gigs of ram.
  9. I appreciate your help, have done this (which was recommended from another forum and sounds pretty well what your saying so I thought i put it here to see if I am correct, this may help you understand what I have done as well, therefore helping you :)

    "Keep in mind DDR2 at 1006MHz is overclocked by the manufacturer-Corsair etc. So, any features in the BIOS attempting to regulate CPU/memory power will conflict; the BIOS will report 1.8v at 667MHz DDR2 upon the very first boot after the PC has been assembled. EPP requires one to manually enter the manufacture's memory settings, afterwhich, the BIOS-being EPP aware-will automatically enable "SLI Read Memory"-this is not manually configureable; the "enable" is beside the "SLI Read Memory" BIOS configureable setting and is greyed out.

    All is using the E6850 C2D, Corsair 8500 C5D is how I have the BIOS set up for 1066MHz memory (my Corsair is rev 1.2=Micron chips so 2.2v is spec)


    Advanced Voltage BIOS Options

    Disable C1E, TM2
    Enable No-Execute Memory Protect, Virtualization Technology

    Advanced Chipset

    LDT [5X]
    NVIDIA GPU Ex [Disable]

    Power Management

    Suspend to POS str1 because str3 does not work correctly and Gigabyte has no intention of addressing this or, it would seem, any other issues with this BIOS.
    HPET [Enable]

    PC Health

    Disable all except CPU Smart Fan Control and CPU Smart Fan Mode-set both to Auto

    Disable all Spread Spectrum

    MB Intelligent Tweaker (MIT)

    SLI Read Memory [Expert]
    FSB Memory Clock Mode [Linked]
    FSB Memory Ratio [5:4]
    CPU Host Frequency [333] MHz
    Memory Frequency [Linked]
    Robust Graphics Booster [Auto] because it cannot be disabled
    CPU Clock Ratio [9X]
    System Voltage Control [Manual]
    DDR2 Voltage Control [+0.400V]

    All memory timings are left on default and are detected correctly ( ie: 5-5-5-15, 2T)"

    I tried this, and then tried it with 1 stick, 2 sticks etc with the same results as what you said to do, I have checked the memory with Memtest and the memory is fine, have tried changing video cards and that didn't make a difference, tried with soundcard & burners and no change.

    Whatever voltage I change in "DDR Voltage Control" to I get a flashing red message saying System Voltage Not Optimized instead of the green System Voltage Opimized

    Ooh roadrunner I am currently using XP Pro SP2 up-to-date, have tried it on Vista Ultimate as well
  10. "DDR2 Voltage Control [+0.400V]" is the important one to change. Disregard warnings. They're for newbies. The reason GB hid those settings is to prevent newbies from damagaing their parts. You know what you're doing.

    I would unlink the cpu & ram. Regardless, w/o changing ddr2 voltage, it's not gonna work with 4 sticks.
  11. I tried all again, actually got rid of all the red warnings but when I rebooted I got a long beep and nothing else, couldn't get into the bios, so had to reset the bios, this is becoming a bad joke
  12. If possible, return the ram for kingston valueram of the same sizes & sticks. kingston works out of the box & uses low voltage.
  13. thanks for your help, I appreciate it
  14. Update, they finally emailed and expected me to send my memory to them amongst other things, they where very unhelpful ( when I told them I had done every suggestion that they had made, they still did not believe me). After a couple weeks of mucking around I finally managed to get a rep from here in Australia to contact, but by then I got so sick of the trouble (the motherboard was faulty (the specifications where changed on the homepage) the whole time, was checked in a computer repair shop) and ended up buying an MSI P35 Platinum Combo, what a great motherboard.

    When I told Gigabyte that I had decided to buy another motherboard I never got an apology or anything, they just disappeared and I have not heard from them again. I never got an apology or anything,

    I am so disgusted by the treatment I got from them that I will never deal with Gigabyte again, my dealer and a couple of his friends have stopped dealing Gigabyte. Not so much what they did to me, but because of the fact they put the motherboard on the market saying it had particular specifications without ever checking that it could handle them, then changing it afterwards hoping no one would notice
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