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If this post is illegal on this forum then please notify me instead of banning me. If that is the case then I am truly sorry as I did not know and you are free to remove it.

Just as the title suggests, I am offering to teach anyone C++ as well as how to implement what you learn to create a 2D game using SFML 2.0. Later more advanced classes will then consist of learning DirectX 10 after enough time has been put in with C++/SFML 2.0. After you have read the rest of this post and decide you are interested in taking my classes, you can email me at:


Hourly Rate: $10/hour

I will be conducting classes over Skype or GoogleTalk and TeamViewer will also be used to allow access for me and the student to view and interact with the programs we are working on. PayPal will be used to make payments to me. Additionally, half the payment amount should be sent to me before class begins and then the other half after it ends. If you are interested in taking my classes here is a list of all the things you should try and download before hand:

- Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition
- Skype
- GoogleTalk
- TeamViewer

Students can expect to learn the following:

- Basic C++ syntax/theory
- Functions/Function Overloading
- Console Input/Output
- Reading from/to a file
- Classes/Structures/Enumerations
- Conditional Statements/Loops
- Pointers
- Inheritance/Polymorphism
- Containers (LIsts, vectors, arrays)
- SFML 2.0 SDK
- Game Logic
- Event Handling
- Basic Physics
- DirectX 10
- Win32 Programming
- More will be added/taught

As you can see there is are numerous things that I am willing to teach and for a very low price. The lessons will consist of many small exercise programs and "Homework" program that is related to game programming, to allow the student to make a connection with what they are learning and how they can incorporate that into a game. My teaching style involves making the student build the same program over and over from scratch until they can do it perfectly "with their eyes closed". Then when I feel they are proficient with that they can move on to the next program and the cycle begins again. Additionally I might ask the students to make the program differently or program it using a different method on the fly. This encourages problem solving and helps them grow as a programmer to see solutions to problems in different ways.

Just in case anyone wanted to know anything about me, I'm 18 years old and have been programming/game programming for about 3-4 years. Although I'm younger than most tutors my age offers great benefits for you: I have a lower price than 99% of programming tutors because I don't need to pay bills, and I have more time than most to teach you whenever you are available. I believe I have enough knowledge about programming to teach those who want my services. And I also believe that teaching will help me grow as a programmer too, because you tend to notice what you do wrong and what you do right when you teach something and it sticks better. Anyways, if you want to get more information or want to take my classes then please email me at the address i posted at the top of this post. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
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  1. If you set up a website with some sample programs and/or code you have written you might get more responses. As a programmer with over 30 years of C, C++, Pascal, BASIC, FoxPro, and Javascript experience, I would not consider recommending you just by reading your post.

    You may be the best 18 year old programmer out there, but do you use good programming practices? Do you know about secure programming; do you use static analysis and know which APIs to avoid and which are secure? Can you write proper multithreaded code, and know when to use threads, when not, and how to avoid deadlocks?

    Please do not take this as being harsh; I am only trying to help. ;)
  2. Hey man I understand what you're saying and I really don't take offense to anything that you are saying. Honestly I don't know half of those things that you listed but it's not like that's what I'm planning on teaching anyways. My goal is to just provide some basic instruction in C++ and get people comfortable enough to know how to make their own programs, the methodology in creating games, how everything flows together and works, etc. I'm by no means an expert on C++ and certainly not the best but I still do have plenty of helpful information to share. The only reason I don't make a website and show sample code is because I don't have the money to pay for a website, nor do I really have any "sample" code that people can see. If I did post sample code then what would be the point of taking my classes if you could just look at the code that is already posted? :p Of course I'm still learning plenty that doesn't mean that I'm useless as a teacher. I already have 2 students who are completely happy with my teaching style and are showing great results.
  3. blackfire227 said:
    The only reason I don't make a website and show sample code is because I don't have the money to pay for a website...

    You could easily set something up on wordpress.com for absolutely nothing, or set up your a WordPress installation on your own web hosting and domain for a relatively small amount.

    blackfire227 said:
    If I did post sample code then what would be the point of taking my classes if you could just look at the code that is already posted?

    You don't post the whole solution! :lol: Besides, having code in front of you doesn't mean you can understand it. I have seen many people who are excellent at copying code but who have no clue how or why it works (or doesn't work).

    On a side note: I wouldn't include your email address in your post. You're just asking for "special deals" to be delivered to your inbox.
  4. I might give it a shot :) Ill definitely post the link of the website on here if i do get around to creating it. Would any of you be interested in a lesson? ;) lol
  5. Linking to commercial websites that you have an interest in isn't allowed unless you have explicit permission from the community manager, except perhaps in the Classifieds section, which is where I will be moving this thread shortly as well.
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